SUJO Twenty-Two Design Packages For a Month

A full-service design team for all your high-quality creatives!

On-demand, absolute design services at a fixed price. Eliminate the stress of missed deadlines, hidden costs, and rigid revision counts.


The Best Solutions for Our Clients

Perks of Choosing ‘SUJO Twenty-Two Designs’

Custom Design Requests

Every design request receives a unique, customized creative curated just for your brand.

Uncompromised Quality

Expect premium designs every time despite timely delivery, speed, and affordability.

No restrictions and no legal issues – every creative is carefully designed to be owned by you.

All Your Design Requests

Send in as many design requests according to your design requirements. Think logo for a bakery, or UI/UX design for your website – your designated team will do it.

Zero Commitments

You can cancel the service at any time as soon as you have received everything you need. Skip the worry of hiring full-time employees and exhausting your budgets.

Designated Team

You will receive a dedicated project manager and designer solely focused on curating custom, on-demand design requirements.

Save With SUJO Twenty-Two

Save Time

Defeat your deadlines with designs produced a little after the speed of lightning. Hype aside, we can finish simple designs within a day or two. Complex design duration increases with the complexity but speed is a promise.

Save Money

With higher efficiency and lower costs than having an in-house design team, you can manage your finances better to grow your business instead. There are also zero hidden costs!

Save The Trouble

Want to stop hunting down unreliable freelancers? Not happy with the design but no more revisions left? Don’t fret, this one-month package promises two revisions to get your design right on schedule!

One-Stop Design Solution for All Brands of All Sizes


Customized, on-demand designs for any business’s branding, website, marketing, and more. Our high-quality, affordable designs give business owners more time to scale and grow while being stress-free.

Individuals and Influencers

SUJO Twenty-Two’s design services assist personal and influencer content creation, with the added advantage of knowing which designs perform best in your niche. Get on-demand customized designs that guarantee engagement with your personal brand using one of our design packages.


Too many client requests or not enough designers on board? The SUJO Twenty-Two design packages will help you consistently deliver creatives guaranteeing uncompromised quality and client satisfaction. Work smart and switch to SUJO Twenty-Two’s design packages.

Advertising and Marketing Teams

We’ll broaden the scope of or improve the workflow of your brand’s advertising and marketing team, or provide a designated designer to cover all your marketing and ad creative needs. Experience the efficiency of expert marketing and advertising designers in enhancing your brand’s position.

How SUJO Twenty-Two Delivers Top-Notch Custom Designs

Tell Us What You Want

Communicate all your design requirements to us creating a task on an easy-to-use project management tool. This will help us understand your goals, clarify confusion, and strategize the design process.

We Start Work

We will get back to you with a detailed schedule for your requested design and start work immediately. The draft versions will be uploaded onto the task.

Feedback and Revisions

Comment your feedback and desired revisions on the task. We will revise your design until your dream design is brought to life.

Receive Your Core Files

Download the innovative custom designs and their source files curated just for you. All that is left is for you to use it to transform your business!

Our Design Services

Graphic Design

Full-blown high-quality, captivating graphic designs that transform your vision into reality. Our designs range from 3D designs to social media designs, presentation designs, and more – you name it, and we will custom design it for you!


Branding is an essential part of your business’s identity, and good branding has never failed. Trust us with every branding design asset from logos, to brand style guides and more. Experience transformational branding that connects with your audience.

Website Design

Having a functional and appealing website depends on the quality of your website design. We specialize in building effective UI/UX designs, landing page designs, and web redesigning too.

Ad Design

High-converting advertisements need attractive and compelling designs. We provide innovative on-demand ad designs ranging from social media ad creatives to outdoor ads, display ads, and much more high-quality ad designs.


The Best Solutions for Our Clients

Client Testimonials

We purchased this service in September to give it a go, and what a pleasant surprise it was. Communication was on point and we had little to do after sending in our requests. Although they have made revisions, we were delighted with the first design itself! We are on month three now and have made over a hundred social media post designs across the three brands we handle.

Rebecca Ortiz

The quality of designs and punctual delivery is unmatched! Our marketing team was facing a severe bottleneck filled to the brim with deadlines and we had to outsource designs. SUJO Twenty-Two was the most affordable solution in the market for us but we were worried about the quality of the designs as much as the duration. Our worries vanished when the design files were shared – right on time and beat our expectations!

Michael Berillo

I love working with my designated design team! The team is up-to-date with the current design trends so getting my modern premium-feel website design was an extremely efficient process! There was never a no, only “we can do this better, would that work for you?” I can easily see myself getting all my other designs using this service even after the website is live. Can’t wait to scale my business with the SUJO Twenty-Two design package.


Eager To Recieve On-Demand Designs With Ease?