Creative Ideas For Your Next Hotel Advertisement Video

Are you planning to make a hotel advertisement video as part of your hospitality marketing strategy? Here are a few creative ideas for video content that you can use to promote your hotel to potential guests and make your business stand out from the competition. You’ll also find out why hotel video marketing is important, whether you’re a large franchise like Holiday Inn or a small boutique hotel.

Why You Need Hotel Video Marketing

Hotel video marketing videos can be a great way to showcase everything your hotel or resort has to offer to your target audience. Whether viewers watch them on YouTube or while browning a hotel website, they are increasingly popular in the hospitality industry for the following reasons. 

Highlight Unique Selling Points of Your Hotel

You could list all the amenities, hotel facilities, and nearby tourist attractions in a travel brochure or on your website. However, a well-produced hotel video can show all of this and more in under a minute. If the unique selling point of your resort is its scenic and tranquil location, then showing it all through hotel videos is much more effective. By utilizing drone footage which is fast becoming a mainstay for hotel video marketing in the travel industry, you can show off how your unique architecture looks from the air, or how the hotel looks in its natural surroundings. You can show its proximity to the pristine blue waters on the coast or a misty mountain where visitors can go on a hike.     

Create an Instant Emotional Reaction for Your Audience

Well-produced hotel videos can capture in an instant what spending a day there feels like. The brain responds better to a dynamic video than to lines of text or static images. By adding a bit of cinematic flair and the right music soundtrack that matches the vibe of your hotel, your marketing videos can even create an emotional response in the viewer. 

Make your viewers’ mouths water by showing them the local delicacies that will be prepared by your chefs, how the sunset looks from the hotel room’s balcony, or how relaxing your spa treatments are. If your hotel video can give them goosebumps, this emotional reaction will convince them to make a booking far quicker than any other form of marketing. 

Build Your Brand

Never forget that your hotel video tells your story. It could be about your brand, the history of your hotel, your customers, or the people that work there. A well-thought-out video marketing strategy communicates more than just the amenities you offer. It communicates the attention to detail paid by your staff, the quality of the service, or what the experience of staying there is really like for guests. When done well, a hotel video can build trust in your brand and convince viewers to check out your hotel. 

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Creative Ideas for a Hotel Promo Video

Let’s look at a few ways you can produce a hotel video that can capture the essence of your resort, and convince more people that the hotel experience they crave can be found there.  

Show What a Stay at Your Hotel Is Like

This might be the most straightforward of hotel marketing videos, but it can also be the most effective. Is your hotel located near a naturally scenic location? Does your hotel have an award-winning architectural design or a Michelin Star restaurant? Does your hotel appeal to business travelers because of your well-equipped conference halls? Or does your hotel include beach activities like jet skis and other sports? Whatever it is that appeals to your target market, focus on these key selling features and show them off.

You could get creative by using attention-grabbing methods such as time-lapse videos to show a day pass from sunrise to sunset. You could also utilize drone footage that may be able to really create a lasting impression by allowing viewers to see all of this from a different perspective with a bird’s eye view. For more on using drones for hotel video marketing, read How to Use Drone Videography for Hotels and Luxury Resorts

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Videos That Offer Travel Tips

Depending on where your hotel is located whether it’s a tropical beach in Phuket or a jungle resort near Khao Sok National Park in Thailand, you may have unique knowledge of the tourist attractions in your area. Let your guests know where to find the best hiking trails or safari tours. Know the best fresh seafood restaurants in the area, or where to hire a boat? Share advice with travelers in your hotel video and be sure to let them know if you’re offering any shuttle services for the local tourist hotspots. Guests may arrive to see a tourist attraction, but they may stay at your hotel for convenience. They might even notice your hotel for the great tips you provide. 

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A Virtual Video Tour of Your Hotel

You can create a hotel video in the form of a virtual tour of your hotel. This is basically a first-person experience that makes the viewer feel like they are really there, moving through your hallways, dining at your restaurants, seeing your guest rooms, and anything else that you wish to highlight. You can even include a member of staff to act as a guide for the viewer from the hotel lobby to the exit that provides easy access to the beach. Virtual tour hotel videos can give a taste of your hotel experience without ever stepping foot inside it. 

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

A behind-the-scenes hotel video can take viewers through your kitchen, show the staff there, and maybe even include your head chef as they prepare a dish your hotel is famous for. You can even use this to shine a spotlight on your hardworking staff, from the concierges to the waiters. Not only will it highlight their diligence and attention to detail, but it can also create a human connection for your guests before they even arrive there. It also has the benefit of boosting your team’s morale.  

If your hotel is located in the city, it might be appealing to business travelers or those looking to host events like conferences and seminars. A hotel video that gives a behind-the-scenes look can impress these potential customers by showing the flexibility of your staff to accommodate various events, and the venue facilities you may be able to provide.


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Customer Testimonials

Naturally, one of the best ways of marketing your hotel is to find guests that had a great time there and allow them to share their thoughts on the video. If they are willing to go on camera then great, but you can also work with review websites to find guests that are raving about their stay. Social media can be utilized for this purpose as well. You could share posts that mention your hotel and even find social media influencers that could complement your marketing efforts. 

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Hire Professionals for Your Hotel Video Marketing Efforts

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Now that you understand the importance of video marketing and a few creative ideas on how to make a promotional video for your hotel or resort business, it’s time to find a professional video production partner with the right skill set and experience to handle your project. 

Make sure to find a company that has an existing portfolio of clients in the hospitality industry, a creative team with a strong vision to make your hotel videos go viral, and all the necessary tools to deliver a great-looking video. The team at Sujo Twenty-Two can make that happen, so make sure to check out their website today!

For more details on what a professional video production team can do to make your hotel and brand stand out from the crowd, read Why You Need Creative Video Production Services


How Do I Advertise My Hotel Business Using Video Marketing?

Depending on your target market, you can create videos that highlight your hotel’s unique selling points that appeal to these audiences. Selling points could be hotel amenities, proximity to tourist attractions, the scenic beauty of the location, and flexibility to host events.

How Do I Make a Hotel Video?

You can showcase to guests what a stay at your hotel will look like through a hotel video. Remember to focus on your selling points, grab their attention with dynamic imagery, choose suitable music to set the mood, and use creative storytelling methods to create an emotional response in the viewer. 

What Types of Video Marketing Are the Best?

The most impactful types of hotel videos that are sure to increase your bookings are the ones that showcase what the hotel offers, videos that offer travel tips, virtual tours, behind-the-scenes videos and customer testimonials.