Video Advertising – Everything You Need To Know

With the evolution of technology, video has become one of the main ways of presenting content to people. Significantly, the usage of videos has consistently banged the highest positions on the charts. The production of videos is done to serve a variety of purposes, and video advertising is one of the many marketing strategies that has brought a massive change into the corporate world.

What is video advertising, and what is the importance of video advertising? In this blog, let’s discuss these questions in detail and also pay attention to the different types of video advertisements that can be used in the corporate world.

What Is Video Advertising?

What Is Video Advertising | Sujo Twenty-Two

Video advertising refers to the concept of advertising a service or a product through the use of video. These videos can be promotional videos that play before, during, and/or after streaming content on the internet. Depending on the time the video is played, a particular video ad may be identified as a pre-roll, mid-roll, and/or post-roll ad. Moreover, ‘Standalone Ads’ is another term that is used to identify video ads.

Video advertising is usually used to promote a service, product, customer feedback, a brand, or to stream live events. In addition, video advertising is useful in telling a company’s story to improve sales, create buzz, and build brand loyalty.

Video advertising has become significant in the online world today because it is an effective form of advertisement. The reason is that moving images tend to capture the eye of a customer rather than a static image or text. Moreover, moving images are easier for customers to remember when compared to static images.

What Is the Importance of Video Advertising?

There are many reasons to consider video advertising important to the present modern world. Below, we have mentioned some of the few good reasons why video advertising is essential to us.

To Reach Mobile Users

To Reach Mobile Users | Sujo Twenty-Two

The mobile is a device that is abundantly seen almost in everyone’s hands. It is more likely that a person would not miss a chance to watch a video or a video ad that is interesting to them even when they are on the go.

It is possible to mention that with the rise of mobile phone users, the audience for videos and video ads keeps growing gradually. In the modern world, social media occupies a major part of a person’s life. Accordingly, people nowadays are more reluctant to watch videos or video ads on their mobile phones even just to pass out time.

To Increase Engagement

To Increase Engagement | Sujo Twenty-Two

Video ads are capable of engaging an audience that shows zero interest in image banners and text ads. As video ads consist of movement, sound, and other alluring elements, such ads are capable of increasing engagement.

One of the elements that can attract a larger audience toward a video ad is including a popular or catchy song in the video ad. Or incorporating popular personalities in a video ad can also heighten the engagement of a video ad. Video ads are useful components for companies to emotionally connect with existing customers as well as potential customers. 

Useful in Telling a Brand Story

Useful in Telling a Brand Story | Sujo Twenty-Two

When speaking about emotionally connecting the audience to a brand or company, a brand story cannot be forgotten.

A brand story is one of the most powerful tools in marketing that carries the purpose of defining your company. A brand story emphasizes what your company does and what kinds of projects your company will be involved in. The most effective method which can be used to tell your company’s story is a video ad.

Rather than providing the target audience with a long-written passage to read, providing them with a video that contains all sorts of information along with eye-catching elements will indeed help you in achieving your marketing goals.  

A video ad can transform a business into a physical form within the minds of a larger audience and this in return helps to establish rapport with the audience and also excel in brand loyalty.

To find out what a brand story is, read our blog “Brand Storytelling Framework”.

To Generate Sales

To Generate Sales | Sujo Twenty-Two

An effective video ad can bring about thousands and thousands of views within a short period. For instance, a brand can use a video ad to provide all sorts of information about a particular product and this helps a potential customer to buy it right away due to the amount of data that is provided in the video ad.

Today’s market is full of fraud and illegal products and services. In a situation as such, using a video ad to stand out from the frauds can be more helpful in generating more sales for your brand or company. A video ad can be essential in promoting the products and services of a company as well. 

What Are the Different Types of Video Advertisements?

Video Advertisements can be of different types. The type of ad might differ depending on the purpose of that advertisement. For instance, if you wish to advertise on LinkedIn using videos, the type of video might differ from what you will make for Youtube. 

So, now let’s look at some of the popular types of video advertisements that are in use today.

What Are the Different Types of Video Advertisements | Sujo Twenty-Two

In-Stream Ads

These are the most popular types of ads used for marketing purposes. In-stream video ads are played before, during, and after the streaming content. An in-stream ad is displayed within the streaming video. Usually, in-stream video ads are used to monetize the main video that the owner is presenting.

An example of in-stream video ads is the ads that appear on YouTube. You might have faced instances where you find some of them interesting and visited those pages by clicking on those links.

Linear Ads

Linear video ads refer to advertisements that are displayed before, during, and/or after the video content. These are most commonly known as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads.  It is similar to the TV commercials we see while watching a particular TV program.

These ads are called linear ads because these ads run in line sequentially with the content video. Most commonly, a linear ad will be 15 – 20 seconds in length and will not allow fast forwarding or skipping through the ad. Therefore, a viewer is compelled to watch the entire ad.

Non-Linear Ads

A non-linear ad runs concurrently with the video content. As a result, a viewer can watch the ad while viewing the content. To be more specific, a non-linear ad runs at once with the video content. Therefore, a viewer can watch the ad while the original video content is streaming without any interruptions.

A non-linear ad should be small so that no obstruction is caused to the main video. The advantages of non-linear video ads are that they provide persistent on-screen presence and also the ad does not interrupt the main content. 

Rewarded Ads

Rewarded ads are frequently seen in gaming apps and these are video ads that are frequently used to target gamers. When a gamer or any person using a gaming app watches this kind of ad, in exchange for watching the video ad, the gamer is provided with incentives and perks.

For instance, a perk may include an extra life or a bonus tool that can help a gamer to survive in the game.

Native Ads

A native ad is a video ad that plays at the end of the video content. It is a form of advertisement that matches the look, feel, and function of the original video content where the ad appears. They fit natively and seamlessly onto a web page or video content.

A native ad also does not interrupt the video content on which it is playing. Significantly, native ads also appear in blog articles as well. In blog articles, they usually appear below or beside the article you are reading.

Shoppable Video Ads

As the name suggests, a shoppable ad is used to direct a viewer to a page where he or she can purchase a certain product. In this sense, a shoppable video ad is used to encourage viewers to buy a specific product.

After a video of this kind is played, a link appears which can direct whoever clicks it to the page where the purchasing part can be done. Shoppable video ads can be seen in any app that a person is using. 

Ace Your 90 Marketing Strategy with Video Advertising 

Video Advertising | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

As you can see, video advertising is an excellent marketing strategy that can be used for numerous purposes. Your company’s ultimate goal will be to generate more sales by gaining the attention of a larger crowd. This can be easily done by promoting your products and services using a promotional video.

The future will have more digitized platforms and videos will most likely be the medium that will be able to capture the attention of potential customers. Just remember the fact that to stand out from your fellow competitors, you must ace up your game by creating an effective video advertising campaign.

Video advertising does have many benefits, but it is not an easy feat to plan and execute. Read about the challenges with video advertising if you would like to know more. 


What Is the Difference between Display and Video Advertising?

A display ad is also known as a “banner ad” and it is a paid advertisement that appears online. It can be on a website, social media network, or an app. Generally, it is a rectangular-shaped banner that is displayed at the top of a site’s content. The format of a display ad is usually an image or text.

On the other hand, a video ad is an advertisement that contains a promotional video. It does not come in the form of an image or text. 

What Is Video Advertising?

Video advertising refers to the concept of advertising a service or a product through the use of video. These videos can be promotional videos that play before, during, and/or after streaming content on the internet.