Aerial Videography Agency: How It Can Make All The Difference For Your Business

Did you know that an experienced aerial videography agency could make all the difference in marketing your business in certain key industries? Were you aware that drone photography and videography can not only provide a unique perspective on a location, your property, or events but also deliver a powerful marketing push that will capture the attention of your target audience? Let’s find out what aerial videography is, and how marketing videos shot using drones can make a difference in your industry. We’ll also go through the types of businesses that should be considering using drone videography for their next marketing project, and the production company that can deliver aerial videography and photography services. 

How Aerial Video Footage Can Make A Difference

How Aerial Video Footage Can Make A Difference | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Let’s find out how hiring a video production agency with aerial drone videography expertise can drastically make a difference in your advertising and marketing needs.   

Capture Unique And High-Quality Video Using Drones

Whether you’re advertising a tourist attraction, a luxury resort, or a golf course, the perspective you can gain from the ground level is limited. A videographer on the ground can only capture from the angles and viewpoints they can reach. By using drones, you can extend this reach drastically, capturing your property or location in a way that hasn’t been seen before. By hiring experienced drone pilots to film this footage, you will be able to show your viewers stunning high-quality imagery that will instantly grab their attention, engage them, and get shared on social media. 

Aerial Videography And Photography Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

Your competitors may not yet have caught on to the future of video advertising using drones. This is your chance to get ahead by hiring the services of experienced drone pilots that can take video footage your competition hasn’t even dreamed of. When your potential customers notice that you have videos and images that are a cut above the rest, it’ll help differentiate your brand from everyone else.  

Gathering Data On Your Location With Drones

Depending on your industry, aerial photography and videography may be far more important than simply being an advertising tool. If you’re in construction, you may need to show the progress of your current project to your clients. If you’re in the commercial real-estate business, you will need to show not only your property, but its layout, and surroundings as well. With drones, you can easily get the required video to show your customers.   

Drone Video Can Bring More Website Traffic

Search engines like Google already understand the power of video and that many people prefer watching a video about a certain subject to reading about it. By publishing video content on your website, you are signaling to the search engines that you have relevant, high-quality, and engaging material that viewers would be interested in. This will help raise your website rankings on search engine results pages. 

Many people also use platforms like YouTube to search for video content, especially when it comes to deciding where to travel, purchase property, or which venue to host an event. Drone video content is some of the most searched when making these decisions. If you have shot a video production that includes drone footage, then these are highly likely to pop up in search results. This is another way to bring more visitors to your website from video platforms, and advertise your services to the world. 

A Drone Video Production Is Affordable

Aerial videography used to be done by hiring helicopters fitted with professional-grade film equipment, and licensed pilots who had the skill to fly over a location to capture the desired aerial footage. This type of production was very expensive, placing aerial video advertising beyond most people’s marketing budget. Thanks to the evolution of drones and digital video production gear in the past decade, the complexity and cost of doing such a project have been reduced immensely, making it quite affordable for any sized company today. 

A drone video production still requires the drones and their pilots to be registered, but the skill required to fly a drone is considerably less compared to a helicopter, and the administrative procedures that need to be completed are far simpler. Due to the small size of a drone, it’s also possible to fly much closer to buildings or property without compromising the safety of people present at the location. 

Many countries have established drone laws that dictate what you can and cannot do while with a drone. When hiring professional aerial photography and videography services, it’s important to find a production company that can meet these requirements.  

Types Of Businesses That Will Benefit From Aerial Drone Videography

By this point, you may be already getting ideas on how aerial videography using a drone can make your next marketing project an instant hit with your audience. If you haven’t a notion of what is possible, here’s a list of industries that are currently using and benefiting from aerial videography services. 

Tourism And Hospitality

Tourism And Hospitality | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

An aerial shot of your luxury golf resort or tourist attraction is one of the best ways to highlight the location and everything it offers to travelers. The beauty of an exotic travel destination and the majesty of an iconic landmark is best presented to a viewer using aerial imagery. To learn more about using drones in the hospitality industry, read How To Use Drone Videography For Hotels And Luxury Resorts

Events Management

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Whether you’re involved in planning a concert, a cultural festival, or a destination wedding, the best way to showcase the scale and professionalism of your event management skills at an outdoor venue is to cover the occasion from an aerial vantage point.  

Real Estate

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It would be difficult to convince a buyer to purchase a piece of land, a house, or any other sort of property without offering them a good look at it. Aerial video production can showcase your property in a manner that cannot be matched by videos shot on the ground. Your potential buyers will also get a sense of the neighborhood, and what the surroundings are like, allowing them to make an informed decision. To learn more, read Real Estate Property Videos: 10 Successful Video Ideas For 2023. 

Architecture And Construction

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If your company is involved in architecture or construction, then a major part of convincing your clients to invest in your services is to show off your portfolio of projects. You can utilize architectural videography to impress new customers with incredible shots of buildings designed by your company, highlighting unique features in an engaging way. You can also show existing ones the progress you have made on their ongoing projects. 

Other Industries

Aerial videography using drones is now being utilized around the world in many different industries that you may have been unaware of. It is used in agriculture to survey crops, and for farmers to monitor their livestock. A drone can be equipped with more than just a video camera, with many now carrying thermal and LiDAR sensors that are used for a variety of mapping and scanning purposes. 

All sorts of environmental and weather monitoring applications can now be done using drones. This was not possible with traditional aerial videography since they cannot go into dangerous locations that are unsafe for a piloted aircraft. Search and rescue operations can also be supported by drones equipped with video cameras to find missing persons during a natural disaster. 

Looking For An Aerial Videography Agency?

Aerial Videography Services | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

When selecting an aerial videography agency for your next project, it’s important to find one that can handle the entire process from start to finish. That means a company that has experience in marketing strategy to help you develop your concept, and understand the workflow from pre-production to post-production. You’ll also need an agency that has a history of working with clients in your chosen field and has knowledge as well as a passion for the specific subject. 

If you’re in travel, hospitality, or real estate, then SUJO Twenty-Two is the aerial videography partner for you. Not only do we have years of experience in these fields, but we also have a talented creative team that can take your marketing videos from ideation to post-production, while delivering real results. For more on our services, visit SUJO Twenty-Two today! 


 What Is An Aerial Videography Agency?

An aerial videography agency can provide the unique service of capturing video footage of your property, event, or anything else you require from the air. This used to be done using manned aircraft like helicopters but is done today using unmanned drone equipment. 

Which Industries Need Aerial Drone Videography?

Hospitality, tourism, real estate, events management, architecture, construction, agriculture, environmental monitoring, as well as search and rescue are the fields that greatly benefit from using drone technology to capture aerial videos.