Videography For Hotels: An Easy Guide

Are you looking for a quick and easy-to-read guide on how to do videography for hotels? If you’re the owner of a chain of five-star hotels or a luxury resort in an exotic destination, then this will help you understand why hotel video production is so important in the hospitality industry. We’ll also tell you how to shoot promotional videos that highlight the best your hotel and resort has to offer, and how to get the attention of your target audience. 

Why Videography For Hotels And Resorts Is Important 

Why Videography For Hotels And Resorts Is Important | SUJO TEWENTY-TWO
Statistics that show why investing in hotel and resort video production is beneficial

A hotel and resort are best promoted by showcasing its modern amenities, its luxurious interior furnishings, its comfortable guest rooms, the stunning views from the natural landscape surrounding it, as well as the many other facilities it provides like dining, spa treatments, and gymnasiums. Some resorts may offer a unique experience based on their location. For example, a golf resort will have a golf course and related facilities, while a beach resort will have plenty of water sports, scuba diving, and boat rides. 

These are your main selling points, and the best way to capture them and show them off is through resort video production. This is because a high-quality video can create a powerful emotional response in someone dreaming of traveling around the world. According to hotel video marketing research on promotional videos, over 65% watch videos when making their travel plans, and 67% will make bookings if you present them with a virtual video tour of your hotel property. Over 75% of social media users are more likely to share video content if they were impressed by it and over 60% of people watch videos to get inspiration for what activities they want to do when they get to a destination. 

By investing in professionally-produced hotel video production, you can get your luxury hotels in front of this audience. Not only will you be able to promote your hotel or resort to potential guests, but you will be able to improve your brand awareness when your resort video gets shared by viewers.  

A Guide To Luxury Hotel Video Production 

Now that you understand the importance of hotel video production, let us guide you through the basics of making promotional videos that capture the best your location and hotel properties have to offer to potential customers. 

Determine Your Purpose And Marketing Goals

The first step in your hotel video production process is to determine what your purpose for making the video is. What do you wish your customers to take away from your video, what do you expect it will do to place your brand in the mind of customers, and what is the impact your hotel or resort will ultimately benefit from? 

You also need realistic goals for your resort video production. These goals will be the number of viewers you expect to reach, the number of followers you receive on social media, the number of visitors your website booking page will receive, and obviously the number of clients that will make a booking. This will help your marketing team measure the return on investment of investing in potentially expensive video services.  

Decide Where To Publish Your Resort Video

Decide Where To Publish Your Resort Video | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
Influencer Luke Bryan’s Instagram video promoting a luxury hotel.
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Where you eventually publish your resort video production must also be decided early on. This will depend on the type of clients you wish to attract. If your resort is located in an exotic location with a splendid view, then it might appeal to young couples going on their honeymoon or even as a place to host a destination wedding. This type of video will definitely benefit from being shared on social media like Facebook and Instagram. For more on Instagram video ads, read Why You Should Be Advertising On Instagram With Video. 

However, if your clients are business travelers, then LinkedIn might be the platform to produce and share your video production, though it may seem like an unlikely place. YouTube might be a great home to publish if you’re doing an explainer or a video that offers travel advice. Keep in mind that this step depends on your understanding of the target market, and which type of video would resonate with them. You might also be able to work with social media influencers to reach an even larger audience. 

Your official website is another place to consider, and so are travel websites like Tripadvisor. You can even have your video ready to play on a landing page of your website when people arrive from elsewhere on the internet. And of course, depending on the quality of your video production, you can use more traditional marketing media like television, cinema, and even inflight advertisements that play inside a commercial airliner. 

Select The Type Of Hotel Video Content To Showcase Your Property

A promotional video reel that can showcase your hotel properties is the most commonly used type of video production in this industry. This usually includes footage from the on-location shooting, and may even include actors or models experiencing a stay at your hotel or resort.  This can be really effective in creating an emotional connection with the viewer.

Aside from the standard marketing promo video, you can also produce a video virtual tour of your resort property including guest rooms, interior spaces, and all the facilities and services you are equipped to provide for a memorable stay. You can also do a video that offers advice to travelers, and recommend activities and attractions they can experience near your hotel. 

Finally, there’s the behind-the-scenes type of video where you can focus on highlighting your entire team and what they have to offer. For more on what type of videos you can make, read Creative Ideas For Your Next Hotel Advertisement Video.

Decide Which Hotel And Resort Properties To Capture And Showcase

Decide Which Hotel And Resort Properties To Capture And Showcase | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
The view from Hilton Playa Del Carmen
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The next step is to identify which aspects of your hotel property, facilities, and services will be sure to make an emotional connection with your audience. If you’re marketing to business travelers and events management people, then you need to highlight your hotel’s conference rooms, banquet halls, and audio/video capabilities. 

If your key selling point is the picturesque destination itself, then you need to capture stunning footage that shows off the view from your guest rooms. You might even need to be shooting footage with drones to truly capture the beauty of your surroundings from the air. For more on using drones for hotel marketing, read What Is Hotel Drone Videography?

Hire Professional Services For Your Hotel Video Shoot

Hire Professional Services For Your Hotel Video Shoot | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
A professional videographer capturing footage. 

If your brand is in a hospitality or tourism-related field, then you have much to gain from a professionally-made video production. You can improve brand awareness but also generate new leads and increase bookings. If your in-house marketing team doesn’t have video production expertise, it’s recommended to outsource this to a professional video services provider. 

When selecting a production house, make sure the company has a portfolio that includes clients in your industry. It’s also best if the team works on all aspects of a video from conceptualization, pre-production, the actual shooting, and post-production. It’s not easy to find a production team that delivers from ideation to a completed video ready to be published. For more on how to select a professional video services provider, read How To Choose The Best Tourism And Hospitality Videography Agency

Need Help With Your Luxury Resort Video Production 

Videography For Hotels | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

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Does My Hotel Need Videography?

Yes. People like to watch video content while making travel plans and are more likely to make a booking if you can impress them with a stunning luxury hotel promotional video. 

What Are The Types Of Videos That Can Showcase My Resort?

A standard promotional video can showcase all the amenities, the beauty of your natural surroundings, and everything else that will make a guest’s stay a unique experience. You can also do virtual video tours, behind-the-scenes videos that highlight your staff, and content that focuses on travel tips.