Hotel Videography Vs Hotel Video Production: Is There A Difference?

When it comes to filming in a hotel, there are two main options: hotel videography or hotel video production. While they may sound similar, their definitions are different- so it’s important to understand the differences before making a final decision. In this post, we’ll break down what each option offers and help you determine which one is right for your needs. 

So, what’s the difference between hotel videography and video production? Let’s find out!

What Is Hotel Videography?

Right now, the terms hotel videography and hotel video production are used interchangeably to refer to the process of video production for hotels. However, initially and even sometimes now hotel videography is referred to as the video shoot, where the footage of the hotel or resort is captured. The term is used to refer to the production stage after planning and pre-production where the hotel and related assets, people, etc are prepared to be filmed. 

This footage is then edited to ensure a quality video of the hotel or resort is made available to the target audience with the aim of evoking an emotional response to draw guests to visit the property. However, the term has evolved now, to slowly encompass the entire process of video production for hotel videos.

What Is Hotel Video Production?

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Hotel video production refers to the entire process of forming planning, filming, and creating a publish-ready hotel and resort video. This includes building a storyline that keeps in mind the target audience of the particular hotel and resort as opposed to the entire tourism and hospitality industry. 

For example, luxury hotel video production for couples needs a completely different type of video in comparison to guests of hotels that cater towards families and kid activities, etc. This means that luxury hotels will need a different plan to film videos using diverse equipment which could range from drones to 360° cameras while an affordable stay might go for slightly less fancy videos according to their customers and budgets. This is further seen in the editing process as well, which neatly packages the overall feeling promoted by the video. Together, the planning, filming, and post-production changes make up the video production process.  If you’re looking for luxury hotel video production ideas, look no further.

Either way, the video production process is more intensive wherein videography is simply a subset of the complete process. We have explained this further below. 

Videography Is A Part Of Hotel Video Production

As mentioned above, videography is the process of capturing the video or the on-location shooting that is done to create videos that can be shared on various platforms of the hotel and resort chain. There are many stages involved in professional video production, starting from planning to pre-production, the production which is the process of filming the video content, and finally post-production where the video is edited and fine-tuned until it is ready for distribution for websites, social media marketing, and other platforms and purposes. 

Videography is a part of professional video production although the subtle line between the terms has thinned over time, where it is now used interchangeably. Whether it is videography or video production, the most important aspect is that both processes share the process of capturing the video. There are many types of videos that can be captured for hotels, from which we have explored just a few below.  

The Different Types Of Hotel Videography In Video Production

The diverse types of videos that can be filmed for hotels are explored below which are part of creative video production services that hotels can maximize.  

Branded Marketing And Advertising Videography

Branded marketing and advertising videography for hotels have become an essential part of hospitality marketing in recent years. Branded videos help hospitality establishments by establishing trust with potential guests, showcasing customer service, conveying the story of the brand, and helping build social media outreach efforts. 

Branded videography is effective for today’s digitally-savvy travelers who are often looking for more than just photographs when researching and choosing a hotel. Branded videos also offer an opportunity for lodging to differentiate themselves from the competition by showcasing their offerings beyond the basic amenities. Branded videos offer meaningful stories that allow customers to feel an emotional connection with a hotel and its staff while inspiring and exciting them on their journey toward the desired experience.

Drone Videography

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Drone videography for hotels offers a unique and modern way to advertise a destination. By taking aerial footage of the property with drone technology, hotels can fully capture the beauty of their surroundings. This type of video is also exceptionally useful for illustrating accessibility and location as well as showcasing amenities, such as pools and golf courses. 

Furthermore, drone videos can create dynamic content that can be used on social media sites like Instagram or YouTube, making them an effective marketing tool for reaching potential customers. Additionally, drone videos have the benefit of providing a bird’s eye view of the hotel’s local area, which may help to draw attention from people who might be interested in visiting that particular region. 

Consequently, drone and aerial videography for hotels can be an invaluable asset in wowing prospective visitors and catalyzing bookings. Aerial videography can also be taken through 360° cameras too, giving guests an immersive experience of the hotel, presenting it in a unique style. As quite an expensive medium of videography, it is most commonly used as part of luxury hotel videography.

Hotel Videography For Social Media

Hotel videography for social media is becoming increasingly important in the digital world. Videography offers hotels the unique opportunity to showcase their property, amenities, services, and culture through vivid visuals that capture the essence of a destination.  Social media videos can be used to drive engagement and create an inviting atmosphere for potential guests.  

Common types of hotel social media videos include virtual tours, trailer promotional videos, interesting sneak peeks into the inner workings of a hotel, celebration videos of special occasions or accomplishments, and customer testimonials.  Hotels can be creative with videography techniques and utilize new platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok to infiltrate a younger demographic.  Through repurposing content, hotels can maximize the reach of all their videos on various social media channels while adding value to their followers’ experience by providing fun, interactive content.

People Videography

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People videography for hotels is a modern tool that gives hoteliers the power to curate stunning visuals of their guests and staff, helping them enrich their brand’s narrative. Such visual storytelling allows hotels to leverage a powerful combination of visuals and content to engage customers with stories of their experiences at the hotel, connecting on an emotional level that goes beyond words. People videography helps promote a brand’s story from the perspectives of its actual customers and employees, ultimately allowing guests to connect more deeply beyond staycation check-ins, making for a much more memorable experience. It is one of the best digital marketing tools that hotels can use right now. 

Employee Spotlight Videos

Hotel employee spotlights are an important element in employee branding and customer engagement. Videography of employee spotlights brings to life the commitment, dedication, and passion of the hotel’s staff members. Not only will this make it easier for customers to connect personally with those that are directly responsible for their comfort and satisfaction, but it also deepens the emotional bond between employee and employer, creating a more cohesive team environment. By taking the time to produce high-quality employee spotlight videos at hotels, establishments can ensure that employees become valued assets in promoting excellence.

Customer Testimonial Videos

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Customer testimonial videography for hotels is a great way to show potential customers how amazing your hotel experience is. A customer testimonial video allows guests to share their experiences staying at the hotel and it is an effective tool for marketing. Not only does it provide potential guests with a more personal account of what your hotel has to offer, but it also improves customer trust and engagement. 

When filming customer testimonials, hotels should be sure to capture their customer’s enthusiasm and emotion in order to make their stories come alive. Additionally, having customer reviews available on the website ensures that interested visitors can quickly and easily access positive customer feedback that might influence their decision to book. This can be filmed using existing guests at the hotel at the time or previous guests too. 

Using guest testimonial videos to market a hotel can be an invaluable asset for its online presence and reputation. They provide an engaging and unbiased description of the hotel experience and show potential guests how satisfied existing customers are. Interviewing satisfied customers or adding subtitles to videos posted by guests on social media is one great way to collect guest testimonials, putting your best face forward with high-quality video content

Capture The Best Of Your Hotel In A Video For Maximum Returns

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Videography and video production are not the same, despite their overlapping skillsets. Videographers focus on capturing moments while video producers take those raw materials and craft a story that moves the viewer. As a result, videography is just one part of hotel video production.  Regardless, both terms are now being used to address video production. 

As mentioned there are countless video types that can be taken of your property, and if you want a beautiful video that draws in guests to your hotel, contact us today. We would love to chat with you about how we can turn your vision into reality.


What Is The Difference Between Hotel Videography And Hotel Video Production?

Videography is the process of filming the hotel or its features while video production refers to the whole process of planning, filming, assembling, and fine-tuning the video before sharing it with the target audience. With time, the difference between the terms has diminished, and the terms are now both used interchangeably to refer to video production.

 How Can I Use A Hotel Video To Market A Property?

Videos can be a great tool to market a hotel property, as they allow you to showcase the atmosphere in an engaging way. In a hotel video, it’s important to feature key facts such as room features and amenities, different parts of the hotel and how they may look during different times of day, nearby attractions and landmarks, as well as any unique services offered. Including interviews with staff members that can speak to the guest experience at your property so potential visitors can get a sense of your hospitality offerings. Getting creative with how you shoot the video itself – experimenting with angles and sound design- will make it more impactful. By implementing these elements into a hotel video strategy, viewers have an opportunity to get excited about their potential stay at your property.