The Must-Read Guide For Luxury Hotel Videography

Are you looking for ways to market your five-star hotel or resort with an eye-catching piece of luxury hotel videography? Do you want to know how to make stunning quality video content that will go viral amongst your target audience? Then this is the guide for you! Find out how best to capture your luxury hotel on video, what things to consider for your video shoot, and how to distribute it online, attract guests, and increase bookings!

What Is Luxury Hotel Video Production?

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Even if you’re new to the hospitality industry, you may already have seen an impressive-looking luxury hotel or resort video presentation on television, YouTube, or while you’re flying on a commercial airliner. The goal of such video content is to convey a taste of the luxurious comforts, world-class services, and serenity of the hotel’s natural surroundings that potential guests can experience during their stay. 

You can write a blog post and place a few gorgeous images of your luxury hotel or resort on a travel brochure, but there’s only so far photography can get you in marketing. Nothing conveys the feeling of actually visiting your establishment more than a professional luxury hotel video production. A phenomenal-looking resort video can make an impression on your target audience in seconds. It can also be distributed in multiple ways including your company website, television, and social media marketing channels for maximum impact.

How To Plan Your Luxury Hotel And Resort Video

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So you’ve decided to showcase your luxury hotels, their five-star amenities, and services using professional-quality video production. That’s great, but there are a few things to consider before you hire a video production company and start filming.    

Objectives For Producing A Marketing Video For Your Luxury Hotels

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The objective of any luxury resort video is to attract potential guests and get more bookings. This is fairly obvious. What you need to consider is what are the types of guests you wish to attract. Are you targeting guests that wish to have a destination wedding followed by a romantic honeymoon? Do you want more bookings from overseas holidaymakers that wish to relax on the beach, get a tan and enjoy your spa? Or are you looking to bring in the more adventurous type of visitors who are into watersports, scuba diving, and other activities near your hotel? 

You could have a bit of everything in your resort video if you wish, but it’s usually best to set an appropriate tone for different types of customers depending on what they would likely be interested in. You also need to pay attention to the demographics of potential guests like age, and nationality. Since you’re the owner of a luxury hotel, the amount that customers are willing to spend is important as well. There’s simply no point in marketing for guests that don’t have the budget to afford a stay at your fine establishment. 

Luxury Resort Video Marketing Channels 

There are many different marketing channels to distribute your resort video. There are video platforms like YouTube, and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. There are also more traditional channels like broadcast television and movie theaters. Then there’s your company website landing page and other travel websites. Those customer demographics we mentioned earlier could help determine which marketing channels are best suited to reach your target market. 

The length of videos will also be determined by the distribution channels you select. The shorter the better if you’re on Tik Tok or Instagram. For YouTube or television, you likely need something more cinematic with sweeping camera moves, and voice-over narration.   

Tracking Performance Of Your Videos

Once you’ve settled on your distribution channels, you’ll also need to think of a few ways to track the performance of your luxury resort video. This will help you identify which videos are resonating with your audience and how to refine your marketing strategy in the future. Performance could be tracked quantitatively in multiple ways with the number of views, website visitors, and leads you are generating from the video. If you’re uploading to social media, you can use ads that come with their own insights that help you track performance. 

Unique Style And Branding

When you showcase your hotel property, its amenities, the luxurious rooms, and its surroundings, you also need to think about your branding. This becomes very important if you have a chain of luxury hotels that are known for a certain standard of quality. The video footage has to live up to the brand image that guests expect when they see your company’s logo. The style and branding need to be consistent across your entire portfolio, and your hotel promotional videos need to reflect that. 

Ideas For Luxury Hotel And Resort Video Marketing

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There are many types of luxury hotel promotional videos you can make. These range from straightforward clips that showcase your property, its interior and exterior spaces, and amenities. You could also tell the story of your hotel and offer a behind-the-scenes look at your staff. Your video can offer travel tips or what visitors can experience in nearby tourist attractions. Customer testimonials are an excellent way to market your hotel as well. To help you brainstorm, read Creative Ideas For Your Next Hotel Advertisement Video.

Hire A Professional Video Production Company 

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By this point, you would’ve already decided on the type of video, distribution channels, and which type of guests you wish to attract. If you’re a five-star establishment, then your video cannot be anything less than spectacular to reflect your brand. Video production at this level is not as simple as pointing at a smartphone and taking a few clips. If you don’t have an in-house video production team that can handle this project, you can always outsource it to a professional company that has experience.  

A company that specializes in video production will assist you from the idea generation stage to pre-production planning, location scouting, storyboarding, shooting, and the complicated post-production processes like music, sound effects, and editing that make your video look presentable to your high-end customers. To learn more about what exactly a video production agency does, check out What Is Professional Video Production?  

It is important to convey all the points we mentioned thus far including your objectives, target market, chosen distribution channels, performance metrics, unique branding, and your vision with the production team. This will ensure a smoother production process and a video that can capture the essence of your luxury hotel. 

Models, Staff, And Guests 

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Depending on the type of video you’re planning to make, you might need professional models to pose and depict the experience of staying at your luxury hotel. Your video production company may be able to hire the models, get their contracts sorted, and have the connections to provide the appropriate wardrobe for them. This will ensure a high level of quality since you’ll have professionals who have prior experience and know how to be directed as instructed by the videography director. 

If your staff members are willing, you can also feature them in your hotel promo. If you have a Michelin Star restaurant, it’s a chance for your audience to go behind the scenes with your award-winning head chef as they prepare a signature dish. You can even feature your concierge if you’re filming a virtual tour of your luxury resort.  

You could also include your paying guests in your videos if they are willing to participate. It is important in this case to request them to sign a model release form to obtain their permission before you start filming them.  

Assisting the Professional Hotel Video Production Team 

Your chosen video production company may need to do location scouting to identify the best shots to capture, and the ideal places to set up their equipment. During the actual video production, they will be on your premises and set up in those locations. It’s always best to notify your staff in advance to be ready to accommodate the production team. 

You may not be able to close down your hotel for the shoot and therefore have guests already staying there. There’s no need to request their permission if guests are visible in the far background and not in clear focus in your video. However, you may need additional staff to handle these guests and keep them informed if they choose not to be captured on video. It’s important to make sure the guests are not disturbed in any way during this process, and you need to think of their safety at all times.  

Using drones to capture aerial footage of your luxury hotel is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of hotel video production. However, it is important to hire drone pilots who possess the required licenses and training to operate such equipment. There are also legal aspects to consider like how close they can fly a drone to a building, or obtain permission from landowners if they have to fly over your neighbor’s property to get the perfect shot. 

A professional video production company will be familiar with these details about using a drone, but if you wish to learn more, check out How To Use Drone Videography For Hotels And Luxury Resorts

Release Your Luxury Hotel Promotion Video

After your hired video production partner finalizes the content, it’s finally time to release it on your chosen channels. While you should definitely pay attention to the performance metrics like views, website visitors, and lead generation, don’t forget the qualitative feedback. These are the comments that viewers leave behind that can give you clues about their emotional reactions. 

If there’s positive online buzz generated about your luxury resort as a result of the video, you’ll be able to capitalize on it further. Pay attention to who is mentioning your brand on social media. These could be valuable influencers that can help boost your visibility even further.   

Looking For Professionals To Showcase Your Luxury Hotels?

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Now that you understand luxury hotel videography from the idea generation stage to distribution, it’s time to hire professionals who can deliver a splendid-looking piece of video content you can proud of. If you’re looking for production based in Thailand, then SUJO Twenty-Two is the video production partner for you, with an impressive portfolio of world-class clients in the hospitality industry. 


Why Do I Need A Promotional Video For My Luxury Resort Or Hotel?

A professionally-produced promotional video can highlight your hotel or resort’s world-class amenities, luxurious comforts, exceptional service, and anything else you wish to showcase to your target audience. 

Why Do I Need To Hire Professionals For My Luxury Resort Promotional Video?

A professional video services company has the necessary gear, technical expertise, industry connections, and creative professionals to handle all aspects of video production.