Destination Wedding Videographer: How To Select The Right One For You

Are you having trouble finding the right destination wedding videographer to tell your love story on your special day? Have you seen the wedding films your best friends shared on social media and wish you too could exchange vows at a picturesque and exotic location? Have you been dreaming of tying the knot with your partner on the pristine sandy beaches of Phuket Thailand and wish someone experienced was there to capture this moment? Keep reading to find out what you need to consider when choosing your destination wedding videographers. This will help you find a professional that can handle your event with care, has experience in creating wedding videos, and is available on the ground at your chosen destination.     

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are all the rage now. Many couples prefer a more exclusive and romantic setting for their wedding day with a smaller gathering of close friends and family instead of traditional weddings with hundreds of people involved. Even Hollywood has gotten in on the trend with romantic comedies like the aptly titled Destination Wedding starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves. This more intimate occasion has people looking all over the world for the best locations that would serve as a beautiful backdrop. Naturally, the next thing couples will look for is a talented team of wedding videography and wedding photography professionals to capture all the moments of their love story. 

How To Select The Right Destination Wedding Videographer For Your Special Day

You and your husband or wife will be too busy on your wedding day to pay attention to all the details of the event. You might miss moments of life and laughter from your guests. Years down the line, you will wish to watch your wedding videos to remember the passion and magic that was there that day. This is where choosing the right destination wedding videography expert will help you, so that you and your partner will not miss anything. Many of the things we’ll discuss will apply to wedding photographers as well, and many creative agencies will offer photography services in addition to providing wedding videography packages. 

Consider Their Experience And Reputation In Wedding Videography

Consider Their Experience And Reputation In Wedding Videography | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
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Wedding films are very different from product advertising or branding videography. Destination wedding videography needs to capture the wedding couple, guests, and also the destination you have carefully chosen to be your romantic backdrop. So, you need to check if the company or professionals you’re considering have actual experience in destination wedding videography or have experience in covering events and luxury hotel video productions. 

You should also look into their reputation and track record in this field even if someone recommended them to you. This can be done by looking at testimonials, reviews, and feedback their past clients have left on social media or on their website. 

Go Through Their Portfolio Of Destination Wedding Films

Go Through Their Portfolio Of Destination Wedding Films | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
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You would obviously go through their portfolio before hiring a wedding videographer or photographer. Pay attention to the style they use for filming weddings, their storytelling techniques, and how the video is edited and put together. Do they have a journalistic style or a cinematic feel? Are they good at capturing the emotion, love, and laughter you want to see in your own wedding videos? Only choose a videographer if you like their distinct visual style and how they tell the story.  

Availability At Your Destination

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You can look for the best wedding videographers from all over the world, and you can even fly them to your chosen destination. You could also check who’s available near your location and venue. Finding someone nearby will have two benefits. One is obviously the reduced cost since you don’t have to worry about their travel charges. The second is their knowledge and experience of shooting at your location. 

If they have worked on a project at your chosen venue or one that is nearby or is similar to the resort you’re choosing as your destination, then they will know how to capture great-looking footage. Destination weddings are usually held outdoors, so you will need a professional who understands the climate and weather conditions they can expect to shoot in and prepare their equipment accordingly. 

If your wedding videographer is planning to use drones to cover your event, they may require a valid license to do so. If your destination is somewhere like Phuket for example, then Thailand drone laws will apply. By hiring a professional who resides there, you will not have to worry about such administrative red tape.  

Meet And Discuss With Your Destination Wedding Videography Expert

Always try to meet and discuss with your potential wedding videographer and photographer. This might be difficult if they’re located halfway across the world at your destination, but at least get them into a video call to discuss your wedding plans. The point of this is to ensure that you and your partner are comfortable with this person or team. After all, you are bringing them to one of the most important days of your lives, and asking them to document the whole thing. It’s important you feel relaxed and confident about them. 

Check What’s Included In The Destination Wedding Package

Carefully go through what is included in the destination wedding video package. They might offer different levels of packages depending on your budget. Check how many photo and video shooting sessions are included. If they’ve been in the industry for a long, they will be able to handle all stages of video production from start to finish including video editing. Ask them how the finished photos and video will be delivered to you. Check what additional things they provide like highlight reels which you can share on social media. 

How To Plan Your Wedding Film

Destination Wedding Videographer | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Many things go into the planning of a destination wedding video production. You need to research your chosen location, what the venue looks like, and find what is the best time of year to go there. You also have to coordinate with your wedding planner and your chosen wedding videography and photography team. To learn more about videography services, visit SUJO Twenty-Two, the creative team based out of Phuket Thailand that has years of experience in handling professional video productions for tourism, hospitality, and real estate clients in the region.     


Do I Need A Destination Wedding Videographer?

Yes. A professional videographer will be able to film your event and capture all the happy moments, allowing you, your partner, as well as your guests, to relax, and enjoy the day. 

How Do I Choose A Destination Wedding Videographer?

You can look into their experience, reputation, and customer testimonials, and go through their wedding video portfolio to find a suitable videographer. Double-check if they are familiar with your chosen destination and venue, and meet with them to discuss what is included in your wedding video package.