Hotel Video Advertising – Why Is It Important?

Video advertising is becoming an increasingly popular way for brands in the tourism and hospitality industry to market their properties. By creating engaging videos that showcase the amenities and features of a hotel, brand owners can attract more guests and create a positive online presence. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of hotel video advertising and provide effective tips on how to use online videos as part of a hotel’s video marketing strategy. Stay tuned to learn more.

What Is Video Advertising For Hotels?

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Hotel video advertising can be an excellent way to market your hotel and draw in more customers. Video advertising for hotels is about capturing and sharing content on the facilities that the hotel has to offer for its valuable guests, from the accommodation to restaurants, the service, the scenery at the location, exclusive leisure activities, and more. Capturing these aspects and showcasing them through videos gives potential visitors a much better perspective that helps them visualize their experience even before they go to the hotel.  

The advantage here? Well not only do brands experience greater engagement from potential clients who view these posts but it also increases brand awareness as well because videos reach a large audience. There are many other benefits of video advertising for hotels, and we have outlined many of them below.

Why Is Video Advertising For Hotels Important?

Why Is Video Advertising For Hotels Important | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Videos are advertising and marketing tools for hotels that tell the world what the hotel has to offer them. With online videos taking the world by storm whether it’s on the hotel website or it’s an Instagram or YouTube video, people enjoy being able to quickly see what they can receive without having to read, move from page to page, or keep swiping or scrolling through. 

There are many other advantages that hotel video marketing and advertising can produce, which we have outlined below.

Increases Brand Visibility

The most important reason a hotel advertisement video is created is to reach a wider audience. By sharing the hotel videos across search engines and social media platforms, the property increases its chance of viewership, reaching more of its target audience, and also others that are interested in traveling. So even if they’re not headed to Thailand (for a Thai-based hotel’s video), they may come across the quality video creation, share it with someone who does, or save it for when they actually do want to make the trip!

Regardless of what the viewer intends to do after seeing the video, the fact is that many people see the video and are introduced or re-introduced to the property. This makes the hotel more visible to people improving internet traffic and the chances of inquiries leading to conversions.    

Increases Website Rankings

Riding on the wave of brand visibility, website traffic is one major part of it. When advertising and marketing videos for hotels are created and shared on the website, Google might share the video with a rich snippet at the top of their search engine – showcasing the thumbnail, which will increase the chance of website visits. 

This will bring in many site visitors and consequently raise your search rankings, which will again bring in many visitors, and so on. This will transform your hotel’s marketing plan into a successful one that is part of a cycle of increasing visitors and rankings. 

Builds Trust And Confidence In Your Brand

The hotel industry and travel industry has a handful of globally recognized chains that everyone knows for their quality and high standards. One thing in common with these pioneering hotel brands is that their advertising is top-notch, which brings in many customers that share their positive experience, giving the brands the name they have now made for themselves.

What video marketing for hotels can do is make the hotel seem trustworthy, giving users the impression that your brand maintains high enough standards to make a video showcasing exactly what they have to offer. Unlike just saying “spacious” rooms which could or could not be truthful, the video will show it and leave the guest to decide.

Customer testimonials and their personal stories are their own category of videos too, and they can be used alone or along with other filmed parts of a particular hotel. This will further help customers confidently choose the hotel, bringing in returns double the time of the advertising and marketing efforts put into it. 

Reaches Guests Further Down The Conversion Funnel

Travelers looking for videos most often have their destination in mind and want to look for hotels to work around their travel itineraries. This is a huge opportunity for video marketing and advertising since you don’t need to convince visitors to want to travel. This means converting them into your customers has fewer steps involved and your video content should simply showcase the best of your brand in its most inviting light so visitors come crawling in!

Boosts Sales And Return On Investment

As hotel video marketing and advertising most often reach people down the conversion funnel, they are only a few steps away from actually converting. So not only do more people see the visual content, but they also end up taking action which results in more inquiries which leads to reservations to sales, and finally, a return on investment on the finances and effort put into video advertising, and even other investments on constructing the hotel, making it more appealing, etc. 

Tips For Hotel Video Advertising

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Now that you have read about the benefits of hotel video advertising, let’s look at some important tips for creating a hotel video advertisement that brings in these benefits. 

Personalized For Target Audiences

An integral part of reaching out to the right audience to attract bookings is by creating a video personalized for them. Knowing your target audience, whether they are business travelers or couples and why they would want to visit your hotel, and then filming a video that is appealing to them makes a big difference in how much the video can bring in brand awareness and direct bookings.

Be Concise And Clear

The key to a successful advertising video is making sure it is not too long, it communicates the story you want to be told about the hotel, and it has quality content. Content marketing is a powerful tool in videos too. Using content sparingly, videography agencies can pique and keep the attention of viewers and share very important information which the viewers will definitely remember in comparison to static images. Whether you urge them to contact them through a “contact form” on a particular landing page or simply hit “like and share”, or you promote your hotel’s food and beverage by saying, “delicious European waffles”, they will remember it. 

So if you want to promote some waffles, be short and include them in your video without cluttering the screen. The waffle lovers will be at the hotel in no time. Another tip would be highlighting local culture,  which is one of the reasons people travel anywhere.

The key takeaway is don’t film your entire property and expect viewers to watch it all. Show them your best in one compact video that has the hotel’s unique selling points with a sprinkle of extra facilities and amenities. 

Know Your Target Audience

Research and be up to date with the different likings and expectations of your desired audience. Look at review websites and see what customers are saying about the hotel and looking for too. Also, look at competitors and learn what they aren’t offering that customers seem to like. Ensure these aspects are captured and shared so everyone knows the property has everything they need.  

Utilize Industry Influencers

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Travelholics know which travel influencers share content that is useful for their next adventure or calming wellness retreat. Since these industry influencers already have the audience hooked, reaching out to them to film and share advertising videos of the hotel can bring in more guests and revenue.

Include CTAs

Viewers may watch your entire video and simply swipe once they’re done watching the video. You don’t want to lose an interested customer, so include a call-to-action that gives them direction on what to do. “Click save for your next trip abroad, share with your travel buddy, send us a direct message for a 10% discount on food and beverage, etc ”, are some good examples of what your CTA can say. Even “book your stay now, or call for more information” is a wonderful CTA that urges potential guests to make their reservations or call for inquiries. 

Use Virtual Reality (VR) And Drone Videography

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Virtual reality (VR) technology is a computer-generated environment that includes scenes and objects that mimic reality. Therefore, the user goes through an immersive experience. A 360-degree will allow potential customers to have a glimpse of the hotel premises before visiting the premises. Utilize VR to showcase every unique aspect of the premises giving potential visitors a close real-life experience to instill the desire to visit.

Drones are another innovative way to capture the premises from different angles giving guests a complete overlook before they visit. Hotel drone videography builds trust and gives the hotel a look and feel of superiority which is attractive and guarantees quality. There are many different ways to use drone videography for luxury hotels and resorts too which can make an extremely successful final video. 

Include Videos In Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Many hotels and resorts only share their videos on their website without using the most powerful tool out there, which is social media. While having a video on the site is important, recording these videos to suit the social media marketing campaigns will bring immense returns too. 

Each platform has a different style and length of video that performs best. Capturing the hotel premises in that light, or even sharing educational videos as travel tips can indirectly advertise your video. Being mindful of creating advertisement videos for diverse audiences on varying social media platforms and evenly spacing out how often the videos are shared are important ways that video advertising on social media can be effective.

Optimize Videos For Mobile Devices

With the increasing number of users accessing social media, websites, and other platforms from their mobile devices, it is only natural that the videos be optimized for the device. This means correct sizes that fit into the screen, short videos easy to watch on the go, and video formats that work on mobile devices. This way your brand awareness will skyrocket provided the advertisement video is solid.

Try To Evoke Emotions And Tell A Story

Emotions play a huge role in establishing a connection between the hotel and its potential guests. Ensuring that the video has creative storytelling that takes the customer through a journey that shows the hotel understands the guests’ deep desire for rest, has facilities and activities that are calming, and finally bids goodbye to a rejuvenated person. This way customers “feel” through the video that the property is just the experience they require.  

Hotel Advertisement Videos: A Crucial Part Of Advertising Success

Hotel Video Advertising

With statistics showing video viewers doubling from 2018 and traditional advertising responses diminishing, it’s time for hotels to get started on their advertisement videos. The returns of a well-scripted and captured video are immense, and it can be tricky for a simple advertising team to pull it off. Here’s where SUJO22 can help capture and depict hotels from a unique angle with assistance from inception to post-production.

Contact us to learn more about hotel videos to advertise your premises, attract guests, and become a pioneer in the travel industry! 


Are Hotel Advertisement Videos Expensive To Film?

Depending on the type of video created, the equipment used, and the filming and editing crew, the costs can be affordable or extremely expensive. For example, simply filming snippets of the hotel’s spa and swimming pool can cost far less than using a 360-degree camera or drones to present the hotel from a unique perspective. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hotel Advertisement Videos?

Well-captured and thoughtfully put-together hotel advertising video content can increase brand awareness, brand recognition, trustworthiness, customer loyalty, website rankings, sales, and return on investment. These are just some of the benefits of quality hotel video marketing and advertising.