Real Estate Property Videos: 10 Successful Video Ideas For 2023

If you’re a real estate agent, property owner, marketer, or advertiser, you know that video is an essential part of your content marketing mix. In fact, by 2023 video will account for 80% of all internet traffic! But what are the best types of videos to create for your real estate property? Check out our 10 successful video ideas to get started!

Why Do Real Estate Properties Need Videos?

Why Do Real Estate Properties Need Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

With videos taking over the world by storm, it’s only natural that real estate videos are a successful promotional medium for real estate properties. Videos are a great way to reach the desired target audience by showcasing aspects that appeal to them the most. Creative video production services for real estate have various benefits, which we have outlined below.

Reaches The Right Target Audience

Reaches The Right Target Audience | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

For example, a boutique real estate group would need to have financially sound prospective buyers that can afford to make the purchase or investment. With a video, carefully selecting and displaying the most attractive features of the property to meet the customer at different stages of their purchasing journey can be done with ease.

Educates Potential Customers

Videos are great to educate prospective clients on the real estate industry if the client is an investor or even a buyer. The key is to ensure that the property is showcased in its best light, with cinematic or natural light where necessary. High-quality video content tailored to the audience and showcasing the property in an inviting manner will attract people increasing brand awareness and visibility which further escalates conversions.

Increased Online Visibility and Website Conversions

Videos are also great for SEO so expect increased website traffic, better search engine rankings, and a successful turnaround from your website too. Whether you are a first-time real estate investor or a realtor, video content can give your website the video power it needs to reach more people and increase web interactions. 

Great video production done in real-estate property helps potential buyers take a virtual tour of everything they need to see as if they are right there on site. This allows them to become more comfortable with their purchase before reaching out. In addition, videos add that all-important emotion factor, helping home buyers to further connect with and consider purchasing each property listed.

Increased Engagement Across All Platforms

As pivotal promotional and informative tools, videos can easily attract, engage, and encourage customers to convert by pulling them down the purchasing journey. With a short video showcased on the screen almost once every minute you scroll on social media channels, an attractive and compelling video has the power to make customers engage with it, whether it’s a like, save, or share with someone they know who would be interested in it. 

With astounding engagement metrics, videos are phenomenal tools for real estate businesses and guarantee sure sales and investments when done right. We’ve given great video ideas below for you to experience these benefits, so whether it’s your YouTube channel or website, use them wisely for better engagement. 

Increases Profitability, Customer Loyalty, and Brand Growth 

In return, the real-estate business increases in sales and profitability, entering a cycle of success that ultimately ends in customer loyalty and retention which helps scale the business and further fuel the cycle! 

While a typical real estate video shows what a property offers to pique buyers’ interest, there are many other types of real estate videos that can help enter your property into a never-ending cycle of success. Stay tuned as we dissect the best video ideas to penetrate the real estate market below. 

10 Effective Real-Estate Video Ideas

10 Effective Real-Estate Video Ideas | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Below are a mix of ten informative and innovative ideas for the best real estate videos that can help enhance the results of your real estate marketing and advertising efforts in 2023. 

Introduction Video

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Whether you’re fresh to the real estate scene or an experienced agent, an introduction video is vital since not everyone who finds you on the web will know who you are. A short video introducing yourself, your services, and how you can assist prospective buyers will help you establish a brand and generate reliable prospects naturally.

One thing to keep in mind is that, while this video presents you and your services, it should not be self-centered. This means that the video features the value users receive through your services rather than simply boasting about what is there to offer. Promotional videos, when done correctly, can emphasize the unique offer buyers or investors receive, imprinting a sense of reliability into the viewer’s mind. 

The best real estate videos to introduce the value for buyers would include a mix of how the features can be useful for the buyer while also ensuring important information like prominent projects done by your brand, company background, etc are included. This way buyers know they are in to purchase or invest in a valuable property. Another excellent tip would be to use people to introduce the business, as a little human touch goes a long way in building reliability and increasing sales. 

New Property Listing Videos

New Property Listing Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Real estate listing videos are exceptional ways to show what the property has to offer, highlighting the finer parts of the property, setting yourself apart from the competition, and visually enticing potential buyers. 

Create listing videos for new properties by showcasing the lifestyle improvements it will make for potential clients. Think about a property that has state-of-the-art gyms, jogging trails, and equipment. Showcase these features in a holistic manner with happier, healthier people that have transformed their lives. Ensure the entire video will not only attract potential clients but arouse a desire to experience the benefits this new property can give them. 

An important thing to focus on for your listing video is that you hire a professional video production company or videographer to capture the property in its essence, ensuring they create videos that hit home for potential clients. 

Create An Offer Video

Create An Offer Video | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Giving clients a service free of charge or on offer, for example, millwork a small condo remodeling service or a listing for home sellers on one of your networking sites can give potential clients a peek into the quality of what you can offer. Another tip would be to promote that clients can choose not to continue even after the service. Beautifully put this offer together while showcasing snippets of what their future property could be like. 

A real estate offer video of this sort has endless benefits. Not only does it bring in serious customers to test the services of your real estate agency, but it also builds trust. This type of real estate video can thereby bring in prospects that can ultimately become returning clients if your service appeals to them. Don’t forget to add background music that can catch a viewer’s attention, and add in your CTAs too so clients know what to do to get their offer. 

Educational Videos

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Educational videos are the most effective way to form a strong partnership with prospective customers without appearing like you’re urging them to make a purchase. Why is this the case? Because you offer guidance and information on a topic that is a source of concern for many people who are approaching the real estate market to purchase or sell a property.

“How can I buy my dream home with a bad credit score?” is a good example of such a video.  The ideal video content here that would benefit consumers is advice on how to buy a home despite a low credit score, as well as how your real estate company can help them. 

Education does not mean monotonous so don’t be boring and use a good amount of transitions, music, and other effects that will keep users engaged. Don’t forget to add the relevant links in your video description so customers don’t need to go looking for them which will leave room for you to lose out on them. 

Client Testimonial Videos

Client Testimonial Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Use your existing and past clients to create a testimonial video of their positive experience with the brand. People trust other customers more than you promote your own business because at the end of the day potential buyers know you want to make a sale.

Real estate videos of customers can also address how the real estate agents assisted them with their concerns which will resonate with audiences that have similar pains. Including videos and pictures of happy clientele inside this video can motivate potential buyers to count on your business. Another great method is to gather testimonials from clientele of diverse ages and ethnic backgrounds to demonstrate how the business can accommodate distinct people’s needs adeptly and expertly. 

Again, create real estate videos that are engaging and compelling with a good mix of transitions and other effects. Also, use a persuasive CTA to end your video testimonial and motivate buyers to come crawling in!

Property Tour

Property Tour | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

A recent study found that listings with virtual tours received almost twice the amount of inquiries than listings without. Virtual tours can significantly enhance the quality of your leads and conversions.

Highlight both the indoor and outdoor atmosphere, and use size indicators to assist audiences in the decision-making process. You can also use aerial videography to capture the property in such a way that it helps potential buyers envision its location according to its environment and the area around it. To create an interactive property tour that will bring potential buyers flooding in, and capture high-quality recordings from various angles. Make sure you cover all of the property areas, as well as all attractive amenities and facilities. Don’t forget the neighborhood too.

Choose a professional video production company, and make the most of your property tour videos.

Open House Invitation

Open House Invitation | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

If people attend, open house days can be very successful in acquiring fresh clients.  Creating a video invitation to join this open property viewing is also a great way to raise awareness of the occasion and welcome more people to participate.

An open house offer allows a customer to see everything about the property and possibly contact you if they are interested. A concise video invitation is easy to share with friends and family across various platforms for those that are looking for a property.

Begin with an attractive intro line to design an open house invitation that will garner a substantial amount of visitors. Then, discuss the advantages of purchasing the house, making sure to emphasize essential aspects such as the great location, accessibility, and so on, so potential buyers know what value they will be receiving and if it fits their requirements.  Finish the video by including the open property viewing duration and a call-to-action that urges them to visit. 

Just Sold Property Videos

Just Sold Property Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Real estate videos that highlight properties that have been sold are an excellent way to gain the trust of people looking to sell their residences, boutique hotels, and other properties. For real estate agents, this would highlight their capabilities and show people why they should hire them to sell their property. 

For buyers, this would convince them that they’re purchasing from a trustworthy realtor that many people buy from. It would also showcase the diverse amount of properties they could choose from. 

One choice is to highlight a single asset that was sold and talk about its offerings and advantages. Or if the expertise lies in a specific real estate market,  a montage or collection of videos displaying various properties can be created. Include vital details about the properties’ characteristics, the price bracket, the community, and so on. Finish with a persuasive proposal and a CTA for prospects to contact you.

Holiday and Celebration Wishes

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Studio shot of attractive female makes love hand sign, shapes heart with fingers, expresses affection, carries firtree in pot, busy on Christmas Eve, wears warm winter clothing isolated on yellow wall

Sharing pleasantries for special celebrations and holidays is a fine way to maintain contact with former customers while also fostering your connection with prospective ones. It also contributes to the overall development of a community spirit. Add an innovative touch to your videos and share them across your social media too. 

Begin with heartfelt greetings to society, supplemented by stunning graphics, and use simple trims to create a smooth transition that highlights all the properties. To leave a lasting impression on viewers, including text, music, and happy moments of your clients in their beautiful properties.

Market Update Videos

Market Update Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

The last real estate video idea in this list for videos that will become a success in 2023, is a market update video. As real estate trends shift, it’s critical to be informed about what’s going on in the industry and provide useful insights to your clients so they can make well-educated real estate choices.

Market update videos are ideal for interacting with prospective customers, establishing yourself as a dominant player in the real estate industry, and instilling reliability in leads as they navigate the buying process.

Consider Your Property Sold With Creative Real Estate Videos!

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If you’re not using videos as part of your real estate marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to engage and connect with potential buyers. In this digital age, it’s more important than ever to make use of all the tools at your disposal to stand out from the competition. As video is one of the most powerful mediums around, you can consider your property sold! Thanks for reading our post on 10 successful video ideas for real estate in 2023. If you want to know how to enhance your videos for hotels, check out creative ideas for the next hotel video advertisement.

Do you have any questions about how video can help sell your property? Let us know in the comments below. 


What Is The Most Important Thing To Promote In Real Estate Videos?

When people look to purchase or invest in real estate, the most important part people focus on is the location. The better the location, the pricer the property, and the better the benefits. Showcasing the location of the property and all the perks associated with it is the best way to attract consumers. In the case that people don’t want to visit the property if the location doesn’t have a great reputation, videos can showcase the best features of the property and urge prospects to consider it. 

 What Aspects Should Every Real Estate Video Have?

Real estates have a notorious reputation for being boring. To avert this, take the best of both worlds and ensure your real estate videos have a good mix of music, text, great visuals, smooth transitions, and other engaging effects while showcasing your property in its finest light. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action and keep all the necessary links organized in the video description so customers don’t get lost looking for your business.