The Different Types Of Video Production For Your Business

Are you the owner of a restaurant wanting to show off your award-winning chef and their mouther-watering dishes? Or are you introducing a brand-new product and want to help your target audience learn how to use its best features? Do you wish to impress travelers with the five-star amenities and picturesque surroundings of your luxury resort? You could write lengthy blog posts or take some nice pictures, but none of these methods can beat the power of a well-produced high-quality video.

If you’ve never considered the video medium for promoting your brand, product, or services before, then you might not understand its true potential, especially the impact a few seconds can have. Find out what different types of video production are now available at your fingertips, and what each is best suited for. 

The Different Types Of Video Production 

There are many categories of video content from promotional videos, to informational videos, educational videos, and entertainment videos. There are also documentary-type videos that have their own category. While these are broad categories that may sound unfamiliar to you, once we start breaking them down, you’ll realize you’ve probably already been seeing a few of these every day. Although you may have not been aware, many of them will be useful in marketing your own brand, product, or services. Let’s get started!

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Promotional Videos

If you’re a marketer, then promotional videos are how you can reach your target audience and deliver your message to them. While traditional tv advertising video clips have been around ever since television became available in nearly every home across the world, promotional videos on social media, video streaming platforms, and company websites have now stepped in and taken their place as a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy. 

The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the fast and reliable internet penetration globally, combined with smartphones being affordable to most people, allows promotional video marketers to make their video content directly available on platforms where their audience is present. Secondly, promotional videos provide the viewer with the choice of whether to watch the video or not, stop halfway, or even share it with their friends. This feels much less intrusive than traditional tv ads, and depending on how viewers engage with promotional videos, marketers can even learn a bit more about their target market. 

Compared to educational or instructional videos, which have their own objectives, promotional videos require targeting a specific type of viewer, presenting a solution or product to address their needs, and then finally offering them a chance to take the next step through a call to action (CTA). Taking action could be to subscribe to your services, make a booking at your hotel, or restaurant reservations, or simply share your video on social media platforms. Let’s find out about a few common types of promotional video productions. 

Many of the following promotional video productions can be shared on a company’s official website, on their social media channels, or even presented to viewers as online video ads which appear while they consume other types of video content online. 

Product Videos

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A product video shoot

The product video does exactly what it sounds like. It showcases your product in all its glory. Think of the latest iPhone announcement video or a car commercial and you get the picture. They usually introduce the product, show it working in the hands of people that are relatable to the target viewer, and present it in its most flattering angles for maximum impact. If you’re about to unveil a brand-new consumer electronic device, automobile, or industrial machinery, never underestimate the power of product demonstration videos. 

Travel Destination Videos

A destination video is mainly used by tour operators and luxury hotels working in the tourism industry. These are aimed at travelers to convince them of an exotic location and what it offers. These are often visually stunning, offering breathtaking views of the natural scenery, and the types of activities from safaris to scuba diving that may be available there for the adventurous ones. 

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A hotel advertisement video is another type of destination video that showcase the luxurious furnishings, modern amenities, and excellent service offered by a hotel. Venues such as restaurants also produce similar advertising videos aimed at food lovers, with a focus on showing off their signature dishes and the unique ambiance of their establishment. 

The use of drones is one of the latest tricks used by video production companies to capture stunning aerial footage of a travel destination or five-star hotel. To learn more about this, check out How To Use Drone Videography For Hotels And Luxury Resorts

Real Estate Videos

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Real estate property videos are very similar to hotel and travel videos. These will usually provide a tour of the property, covering both the interiors of homes and apartments, their exteriors, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. The more stunning the videography, the better, and the use of drones is being used to maximize the potential of these videos. 

Corporate Videos

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Corporate videos are mainly focused on two types of viewers. Firstly there are potential investors that may be considering your company. They require an overview of the company that communicates what the company does, who the management team is, and what customers they serve. Existing shareholders will want to receive updates on business plans, upcoming product launches, or a new strategic direction for the company. 

A corporate video can also be a recruitment video designed to attract talent to come work there. Finally, there are employee-training videos made by professional organizations to help new recruits get oriented and learn safety protocols, and company culture. 

Testimonial Videos

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Have your company’s services been instrumental in the success of a corporate client’s business? A testimonial is a type of video production where you can invite that client and ask them to share the experience of working with your company. Did your luxury resort host a romantic destination wedding? Maybe the happy couple might be willing to praise how your venue and staff made their day special. Testimonial-style video productions are great for building brand awareness and trust in future potential customers who may be looking for similar services. 

Educational Videos 

Videos are much better at keeping an audience engaged and delivering information. It allows complex ideas to be explained, understood, and retained for longer. The mix of visuals and sound, especially voiceover narration gives additional context to the video production, which makes teaching and learning concepts much easier. Let’s look at a few examples. 

Explainer Videos

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Explainer videos are extremely popular on platforms like YouTube. This type of educational video can be used to describe how a product can be used or explain how a service works. Animated explainer videos are especially effective when it comes to describing how something intangible works like a service your company provides, or what benefits your software tools may be providing. 

How-to videos are a similar form of educational videos but are usually done by users and not the company that created the product or service. Corporate training videos may also fall under this category. An educational video production needs graphic designers and animators as well as voiceover artists to do the narration.

Online Video Lessons And Webinars

Educational videos of this type were already in use but became hugely popular during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many school-aged kids had to rely on online videos to keep up with their studies. Online courses offered through platforms such as Skillshare and Coursera are a great way to learn everything from professional video production to musical theory. Many companies that offer software-as-a-service online tools even provide webinars where they utilize video capabilities to help their users learn all the best features of their offerings. 

Informational Videos

Informational Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

This type of video production is used less by marketing and more by journalists and news companies. The idea is to deliver accurate information and not sell a product. News clips are the perfect example of communicating the who, what, where, when, why, and how which is at the heart of good journalism. A television station will usually send a video production crew to capture the video and sound, along with an on-the-scene correspondent to provide the story or interview people at the scene. 

An informational video production whether it’s on tv or streaming live on social media doesn’t delve too deep into a subject like educational videos and moves quickly from one story to the next. Apart from journalists, government institutions will use this video style to provide public service announcements (PSAs) to warn citizens of dangerous situations like floods or earthquakes. Companies will use it to keep their customers informed of faulty products that may need to be recalled.   

Entertainment Videos

Entertainment Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. These are focused on entertaining the audience first and may or may not deliver a message or useful information. However, clever marketing videos could use entertainment as a way to attract an audience and subtly feature a company’s offerings through product placement. 

Event Videos

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Musical performances and movie premiere all fall under the event videos category. Some may be considered news events as well, although they generally last much longer. The focus of an event video production is to capture the energy and excitement of a live event. Depending on the scale of the event, the size of the video production crew needed to cover it will change.

Wedding videos are also events although at a much smaller scale compared to a rock concert. TED Talks lectures are also very popular and are distributed freely on platforms like YouTube. TED videos may even be considered educational since they usually bring in a subject expert to break down and explain a topic in an accessible way.  

While live videos should focus on the main performance or celebrity present, many companies can use them to promote their own brands in the background. If you’re a hotel or other venue that is hosting the event, it might be fruitful to bring in your own video production team to cover it, so you can upload some great video content online. It’s a great way to showcase how grand your auditorium is or how high-tech your facilities are.  

Music Videos And Movies

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We’ve all seen music videos on YouTube. The main goal of the video producer here is to make the artist look good and complement the themes of the song. When professionally produced and bursting with creativity, a music video can easily go viral on social media. Online movies on platforms like Netflix are another type of entertainment video. 

While these types of video productions may seem like pure entertainment, they can have benefits for the clever marketer. If you’re a business that’s in the tourism industry, it might be worthwhile to let a film crew shoot near the destination you are promoting. The best example is what The Lord of the Rings films did for the tourism industry in New Zealand. You can even collaborate with film productions and shoot your own promotional videos for cross-marketing. 

Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

User-generated video content has become incredibly easy to access and consume since YouTube started. While YouTubers focus on more long-form videos, short-form content has become massively popular among younger users like teenagers who like to use Instagram and Tik Tok. Companies that wish to raise their brand awareness among this demographic should consider collaborating with social media influencers who have large followings on these platforms. 

Documentary Films

Documentary Films | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Most documentaries are made to educate the viewer on a specific topic and much like news stories, are supposed to follow basic journalistic guidelines. Unlike news clips, however, they are capable of really delving into a subject in great detail since they usually have the benefits of an hour or two of runtime. There are many types of documentary genres, including observational ones without any interference from the video production crew. There are participatory documentaries where the interviewer or director is present at the events. There are also expository documentaries where a narrator describes what the viewer is watching. 

The Video Production Process 

By this time you may be thinking of getting a video crew together and to start producing your own promotional videos. While this may work for simple social media content, for a company overview, product promotional video, or jaw-dropping aerial footage of a tourist attraction, you will need to enlist the help of a company that provides professional video production services. The reasons for this are plenty.

Firstly, they have an experienced production crew who know how to operate professional-grade gear such as cameras and sound equipment. Companies that provide video production services also understand every phase of production from planning and storyboarding in the pre-production stage to editing and adding music in post-production. Finally, if they have a portfolio of work in your industry, be it hospitality, real estate, or restaurants, they will know how best to make your company’s products or services look great. To learn more about this process, read What Is Professional Video Production?

Looking For Video Production Services? 

If you’re looking for a professional video production services provider based in Thailand, then SUJO Twenty-Two is the one for you. Everything from explainer videos that show how your products work to destination videos that compel travelers to make a booking at your luxury hotel, our team of video wizards have the skills to deliver. To learn more, check out the SUJO Twenty-Two videography services today!


 What Are The Main Types Of Video Production?

Video production can be a promotional, educational, informational, documentary, or entertainment-focused.  

Why Do I Need Video Production Services?

A professional video production services company has the expertise to handle all the high-tech gear, has skilled creative and technical personnel who understand the workflow, and has industry experience working with other clients.  

What Are The Stages Of Video Production?

Video production starts with building the concept or idea, then moves into the planning of pre-production, the actual shoot which is production, and finally post-production where video editing and additional work such as sound effects and music are added.