Need Professionals To Handle Your Phuket Video Production?

Are you looking for a team of professionals to carry out your next Phuket video production? The natural beauty of Phuket Thailand makes it an ideal location for many different types of video productions, especially in the tourism sector. This means there’s a high demand for high-quality video production services in this part of the country. Whether it’s a corporate video production to raise your five-star resort’s brand awareness online or a destination wedding video shoot on the scenic beaches of Phuket, you will need to enlist the video services of experts. 

While you may be tempted to fly in a video production team from overseas, there are many advantages to hiring a local creative agency instead. Let’s find out why you need a professional video production company to handle your project and the advantages of hiring production services locally from Phuket, Thailand.  

Why You Need Video Production Services

Why You Need Video Production Services | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
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Whether you need spectacular-looking aerial footage that showcases your resort, filming a documentary on the local Muay Thai culture or shooting a hip music video, one thing is certain. You will need more than a smartphone to pull this off. A video production like any of the ones we mentioned thus far requires careful planning during the pre-production phase with storyboarding, location-scouting and scheduling all the necessary personnel as well as equipment. The production itself needs to take into account legal, safety, and security requirements, not to mention permissions from relevant authorities to shoot on location. 

Post-production has its own challenges with color correction, voiceovers, music, and editing services being required to give your video that cinematic flair it deserves. Everything has to be carefully budgeted in the planning stages, and unless you have experience in this field, you may have no idea how much all of this will cost. The marketing angle has to be decided as well to ensure every aspect of the video reflects your company’s branding and is consistent with your values. 

This is why it’s recommended to hire a reputable video production company with plenty of experience instead of attempting this all by yourself. To learn more about pre-production, post-production, and everything in between, read What Is Professional Video Production?

Why A Local Video Production Company Is Better Than International Production Companies 

If your company is based outside Phuket Thailand or overseas, you may feel like bringing in your usual video production crew. While this can work, you will soon realize that by hiring a video production team based in Phuket, you will have a great experience at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a local crew.

They Know The Best Filming Locations In Phuket Thailand

They Know The Best Filming Locations In Phuket Thailand | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
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A local video production company based in Phuket will know what the most picturesque locations are, including cultural landmarks, spectacular waterfalls, pristine sandy beaches, and adventurous jungle hiking trails that will look great in an advertising video. If you’re a tour operator intent on making a marketing video that showcases all the best tourist attractions in and around Phuket, you’ll need to visit all of these locations to film the necessary footage.

If they have prior experience in video advertising for tourism-related businesses, they will most likely have already visited these locations countless times. You can expect them to know the best routes to reach these film locations, and the logistics involved in shooting at these places. 

They Have Professional-Grade Video Production Equipment 

Video production requires professional-grade gear including cameras, lenses, grip equipment, and lighting rigs. Local video production companies will either have this gear in-house or will know where to rent them at affordable prices by using their contacts. An overseas video production team will still need to source this equipment which can be costly without local contacts. Shipping the equipment may be even more expensive and inconvenient due to the procedures involved. 

They Can Source Additional Film Crew If Needed 

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Depending on the scale of the video production, additional film crew members may be required to help set up lighting, and sound equipment, as well as to help carry gear to the film set. Video production companies based in Phuket will have no issue recruiting additional crew members if needed using their professional networks.

They Have All Required Licenses To Carry Out A Video Production

Depending on the location where the video production is to be carried out, there may be permissions that need to be obtained from the relevant authorities and the property owner if the crew needs to utilize third-party space to set up their equipment. If video production involves the use of drones to do photography or videography, there are licenses to be obtained by the personnel that operates these devices. 

If you hire production services from overseas, these drone operators still need to register in Thailand. A local video production company that is already registered and carries licenses for piloting drones for commercial purposes will have no issue here. To learn more about flying drones in Thailand, read our post: Thailand Drone Laws: Are They Legal?  

They Speak The Local Language 

A Phuket-based video production company will also be familiar with whom to approach for obtaining permissions and be able to communicate better using the Thai language. An overseas video production team may require translators if they need to work with a local crew which can be an additional inconvenience and cost. 

Travel And Accommodation Savings 

A company providing video production services in Phuket Thailand will not require any special lodging, nor will they incur high costs for traveling since they are already located in the region. Flying in an international video production team or even one from Bangkok might be considerably more expensive. You can save money here and spend it on something more worthwhile like post-production. 

The Phuket Video Production Partner For You

Whether it’s music videos, a documentary, or a slick marketing reel to showcase your business in Phuket, there is no denying that professional services are needed if you want your videos to reach your target audience and leave a lasting impression. To create high-quality videos that will bring your ideas to life, you need a video production partner like SUJO Twenty-Two.  

Our talented team based out of Phuket has years of experience working with esteemed clients in the tourism industry such as luxury resorts and restaurants as well as those in the real estate sector. We can help you in all stages of video production from storyboarding and scriptwriting of the pre-production phase to editing and color correction in post-production. Whether it’s product marketing, taking your brand online, or aerial video to showcase your property, we can do it all. To find out how we can help in your next video production, check out SUJO Twenty-Two videography services today!   


 Do I Need To Hire Professionals For My Video Production?

Yes. Unless you have experience in this field yourself, it’s best to hire a professional video production company that can handle every aspect of the project from conceptualization, pre-production, shooting, and post-production. 

What Should I Look For In A Video Production Company?

When obtaining video production-related services, look for companies with experience producing high-quality video content for clients in your industry that match the scale of production, style, and standards you expect for your brand. 

Are Local Video Production Companies Better Than International Ones?

In terms of quality, one is not better than the other. However, local video production companies will be able to source all necessary personnel, equipment, and permissions with minimal fuss and will be far more affordable to hire.