Looking For A Web Design Company In Thailand?

Have you been looking for a web design company in Thailand? Did you know that web design plays a monumental role in your digital marketing efforts? Were you aware that web design goes hand in hand with other elements like web development, branding, graphic design, and search engine optimization (SEO)? 

Find out what great web design can do for your company website, and why choosing the right web design agency is crucial to building your online brand identity. Furthermore, find out what you need to consider when choosing a web design agency that fits your brand, industry, and budget. Finally, we’ll let you know who has the technical expertise and creative talent to handle your website design project based out of Thailand.    

What Is Web Design?

What Is Web Design | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

You already know that your existing website needs a makeover. Or maybe you’re a recent startup hoping to launch a new website. Either way, you understand that an eye-popping, user-friendly, and professional website is key to keeping your website visitors stick around long enough to purchase your products or services. The key to building such a website is web design.

Web design involves manipulating elements such as colors, fonts, layouts, graphics, logos, images, and any other visual assets that make the website look appealing. The user interface that is presented to your website visitor is created through web design. When web design is done right, it will keep a visitor engaged, provide a great user experience, allow them to easily access whatever information they desire, and gently nudge them toward a conversion.  

Web Design Vs Web Development

Web design is not to be confused with web development which involves the underlying code that is used to call up the relevant visual elements stored in a database when a user navigates the website and interacts with it. Both are essential and work together to make a website run. 

A web designer is skilled in graphic design while a web developer will focus on coding using HTML and JavaScript. With a content management system like WordPress, a web designer could create a professional-looking website without much knowledge about coding, although it’s always best to have a programmer on the team in case anything goes wrong.  

Why Good Web Design Is Important For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re trying to get more conversions for your e-commerce online store, trying to bring in more leads for your B2B services, or simply trying to increase guest bookings for your luxury hotel, you’re going to need a great website design to accomplish this. If you wish to excel in digital marketing, then web design done in a professional manner is absolutely crucial for the following reasons. 

Why Web Design Is Important For Digital Marketing

Build Your Brand Image

Our company website is similar to your front desk at your corporate headquarters. The colors, logo, fonts, and imagery that greet a visitor have to make a good first impression. These elements have to be selected carefully to represent your brand image, be distinct to separate you from your competitors, and be consistent across the entirety of your website. 

To Be Visually Pleasing To Your Target Audience 

Apart from representing your brand, the choice of colors used throughout your website design can be used to evoke certain emotions. The layout can draw the attention of your website visitor and nudge them toward where you want them to go. It can also improve the usability of your website and help visitors navigate it easily. 

Fonts and typography have to be selected carefully to be easily readable and intelligible. They can also be selected to be more appealing to your target customer base. And of course, all these elements have to complement each other to make your website look aesthetically pleasing while matching your brand image.

Helps Website Navigation

Good web design will help your visitors navigate your web pages and find the information they seek without any frustration. Whether it’s drop-down menus or filters, they should be able to find what they are looking for in a few clicks without feeling lost. Good navigation is key to improving your conversion rate and turning leads into customers. 

Stand Out From Your Competitors

You cannot expect to compete in your industry with a website that looks outdated or provides a poor user experience. If you want a new website that has a sleek modern look and a cut above the rest of the competition, then web design will get you there. 

Why You Need Professionals To Handle Web Design 

Website design is best handled by professionals, whether you’re planning on building custom websites from scratch or updating an aging one to look more modern.   

Why You Need Professionals To Handle Web Design  | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

They Employ Experienced Web Designers

Companies that provide web design services employ a team of designers and developers that can handle not just the graphical elements but also the underlying code that ensures everything loads properly. They have already mastered their craft and the software tools that bring their designs to life. Most importantly, they understand how visual elements like colors, fonts, shapes, and typography work together to improve the user experience.

They Understand Industry Best Practices

Web design companies are already familiar with the dos and don’ts of their trade. They can ensure any logos, graphics, or images used for building your website do not violate any copyright laws. 

They Understand Digital Marketing Concepts

A professional web design agency doesn’t just create high-quality websites, but will also understand relevant digital marketing concepts like search engine optimization (SEO) services. This will help your website show up in relevant results pages on search engines like Google, helping potential customers find your products or services more easily.  

You Save Time And Money

Leaving web design to the professionals means you don’t have to worry about recruiting an in-house team or investing in expensive software tools, and content management systems. You can focus on your own business without having to dip your toes into something you have zero experience in. 

How To Choose A Web Design Company

Before you start looking for a company that provides web design services, you should make a list of what you feel your website is currently lacking. This could be purely a visual upgrade that brings your website to modern standards. This could also include adding new features like e-commerce functionality, accepting online payments, or integration with your CRM. Keep this list in mind when you do your research.  

Now let’s look at all the factors you need to consider when choosing a web design company that can handle your project. 

Look At The Agency’s Own Website Design

This is a no-brainer. If the agency you’re considering doesn’t have a cool-looking website, there’s really no point in hiring them to work on your own. This is the first indicator of whether the company can deliver on its promises or not.  

Do They Offer The Web Design Services You Need?

Remember that list you made? Now check if the company offers those services. You may not be familiar with the technical terms used in the industry. However, if the agency knows what they’re doing, it’ll explain it in simple terms that anyone can understand. They will also ensure this information can be easily found by someone just like you. 

Check Out Their Web Design Portfolio

Check Out Their Web Design Portfolio | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

An experienced web design services provider will include a portfolio section that shows off the websites they successfully launched for other clients. Visit those websites and see for yourself if their work is satisfactory to you. Have they done any web design work for other clients in your industry including competitors? Have they been in the business for some time? Have they worked on projects that received great results in the past? If so, they may be a good fit for your project as well. 

Check Testimonials And Online Reviews 

The agency website might even include customer testimonials or case studies that detail what exactly they provided. Is the managing director of a prominent company saying good things about the agency? Then it could be worth checking out. You can also check online reviews and social media to see what other clients say about the company. 

Do They Offer These Additional Services?

Web design rarely works in isolation. A reliable web design solutions provider will offer these additional services that go along with website design. 

Branding And Graphic Design

If you’re a new business, you might need some help in designing logos, and typography, as well as coming up with unique taglines and slogans that will come to define your brand. All of this effort that goes into branding will not go to waste and be useful when designing and developing your website.  

SEO Services And Digital Marketing

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Search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be overlooked when building a website. Yes, your website has to look professional and impressive, but a visitor has to be able to discover it in Google’s search results first. A web design firm that is also a digital marketing agency can take care of these technical SEO details and help you climb to the top of Google’s search rankings.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Even a well-designed website needs to be updated from time to time. The company you hire to design and develop it should be the same one that will be in charge of maintaining it in working order. This will ensure regular maintenance is performed smoothly without any complications. 

Photography And Videography

Photography And Videography | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

If you’re in the tourism industry, the restaurant business, or real estate, then your website may need content such as images and video clips that show off your main selling points. A web design agency that can also provide photography and video production capabilities will be able to add more value by helping you create this content. 

Do They Fit Your Budget?

This could be a deciding factor if you’re on a limited budget. The only way to know the cost for sure is to contact the web design agencies you have shortlisted and discuss your project with them. One simple way you can shortlist companies in your budget range would be to check their client portfolio. 

If you’re a boutique hotel, and the agency is working with major players in the hospitality industry like Hilton, it might be too expensive for you. If you see them working with businesses similar in scale to yours, it could be the perfect fit. 

Are They Based In Thailand?

If your business is based in Thailand, then it’s always best to find a company that is also located there. Sure you can always get on a video call, but if your team needs some training on how basic features of your website works, it might be easier to do this in person. As mentioned before, some elements like images featured on your website might require a photographer to visit your premises. This will not be an issue if the agency is located in the same town as your business. 

The Web Design Agency In Thailand You’ve Been Looking For 

The Web Design Agency In Thailand You’ve Been Looking For  | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

It might sound too good to be true, but there is a company based in Thailand that can deliver the web design solutions you need along with the rest of the services like web development, technical SEO, photography, and video production. With an impressive portfolio of clients in the hospitality, restaurant, and real estate sectors, SUJO Twenty-Two is the web design partner you’ve been looking for. Check out how the SUJO Twenty-Two web design and development services can help build your online presence.  


What Is Web Design?

Web design is about using colors, shapes, graphics, fonts, typography, images, and layouts to present relevant information, reflect the brand of the website owner, and make the user experience enjoyable to a visitor. 

 What Is The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development?

Web design is about using visual elements to make the user interface look clean, intuitive, and appealing to a website visitor to interact with. Web development is the underlying programming that makes the website run.