Why You Need Creative Video Production Services

Are you a marketing specialist or project manager looking for creative video production services? Are you in need of a production company that can create an impressive video to showcase your luxury resort, product lineup, or services with style to your target audience? Do you wish to learn what video production is all about and what a professional video services company can do to boost your marketing efforts? 

With this post, you can learn all about the various stages of production, why you need creative talent for video editing, and how a well-produced video can boost your brand image. 

What Is Professional Video Production?

Video production is about creating a piece of video content that utilizes visual storytelling methods to convey a message, or ideas, or market a product to a specific target audience. Video production was traditionally used in television programs, educational videos, and commercials. Now it is used for everything from corporate training videos, YouTube product explainer videos, social media videos, video testimonials, music videos, and even to cover events like weddings. 

The complex video production process is both highly technical and creative. There is a lot of planning involved from the generation of ideas based on the client’s goals, scheduling and planning of pre-production, the actual shooting on a location, and all the video editing that is done during post-production. Video editing may get further complicated if elements like visual effects, music, or sound design are required. If you wish to learn more about the various stages of video production and the workflow involved, read What Is Professional Video Production?

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Why You Need Creative Video Production Services

You may be wondering why you need professional video services in the first place. Video production is not just about turning raw video footage into a flashy marketing video. When your audience is watching a video, the combination of visual and auditory elements makes it easier for them to remember the message and understand it when compared to reading website content or listening to an advertisement. This is one of the reasons why product explainer videos and video tips are so popular on YouTube.

Studies have also shown that visitors to your website are more likely to stick around for a while longer if they are presented with an interesting video. Furthermore, the rise in popularity of social media platforms and the use of smartphones means that users could be consuming video-based content anywhere at any time. Younger audiences especially are always looking for more videos to watch, share, and comment on. Delivering creatively produced videos that grab their attention is a must for any company that needs to reach this audience.   

This makes video a powerful tool to keep your audience highly engaged. However, to ensure your marketing efforts won’t go to waste, you need to hire the creative video services of a production company that can deliver high-quality results. They need to be professionals with impressive portfolios that have all the technical and creative know-how. 

Promotional videos in the tourism industry have some of the best examples of what a professional video production company can do to showcase a client’s luxury hotels, picturesque destinations, tourist attractions, and tour offers. 

Why You Need Creative Video Production Services | Sujo22

Why You Should Hire Professionals for Corporate Video Production Services

Now that you understand the power of visual storytelling, you might be thinking of grabbing a smartphone and basic video editing software to do this yourself. While there are some cases like TikTok videos or a simple video blog you may be able to handle on your own, it’s best to let the experts handle the bigger projects. Whether it’s aerial photography of your hotel and its surroundings, or a product showcase for your company’s latest smart home appliance, this is why you need to hire professionals for the job.

They Have Professional-Grade Gear

This goes without saying. A professional company that handles video production will have available to them professional-grade equipment. Even if they don’t, they have partners to source it from. There are filters to control ambient lighting, high-quality cameras with specific lenses, drones, audio gear like microphones, as well as various types of rigging for mounting all this equipment. 

If your company is in a completely different field like tourism, for example, you may not have access to this type of equipment. Not only is it very expensive to invest in professional gear, it also takes seasoned technicians to get the most out of it. If you hire professionals, they will know how to set up the best shots, match the lighting, and capture beautiful images to showcase your brand, product, or service. They will be able to keep track of the story being told and use the visual medium to its maximum. 

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They Have the Best Video Editing Software and the Video Editing Skills

Turning raw video footage into a cohesive story or message the audience can understand requires video editing software. A company that provides professional video editing services will most likely have already invested in the best video editing software in the market. Whether it’s Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, they will have it. Even if you invest in this, you still have to learn how to be a video editor to use this software.

A company that provides video editing services will have a team of assistant video editors who will first take the footage, organize it, back up the data, and sync it with the audio. Then the lead video editor takes over and assembles a rough cut. Video editors will also add in various transitions like fades or wipes depending on the style the lead video editor requests. Additional scenes will get added or removed until the director is satisfied.

Editing live-action videos can be a tedious process that requires technical expertise and creativity. By bringing in the video editing services of professionals you can be sure to get great quality results. 

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An Efficient Workflow

Video editing may be followed by a variety of other post-production tasks. Depending on what the client wants, there might be animation, graphic design elements, titles, sound effects, and music needed to complete the video. All this requires many different team members to come in and contribute at various stages of post-production. 

A seasoned video production team will already have developed an efficient workflow that can make this process as smooth as possible. Plus their graphic design team, editing team, animation team, and whoever else is working on the project will have a system of communication established that allows them to collaborate effortlessly. 

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Make Your Brand Stand Out

If you hire the video production or video editing services of an established company, they may already have experience with clients that are in the same business or industry as you. They can contribute great ideas on what type of video content to produce to get the best results for your specific products or services. 

They can tell you whether your competitors are focusing on animation, live-action, or some other form of video. They can also tell you what type of story or messaging generates positive feedback from the target audience. Furthermore, they can produce content that brings out the best of your brand.

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Original Ideas and An Outside Perspective

Even if you’re a marketing director with a solid understanding of your target audience, marketing strategy for your company, and what you want to achieve with the video, an outside perspective can often help. A creative production company will be able to develop a video concept from completely original ideas that you may never have thought of. They will be able to create videos that can trigger emotional reactions from the target audience, capitalize on current trends on social media platforms, and maybe even make it go viral. 

No Hassel and No Time Wasting

Your in-house marketing team could struggle to create a high-quality video that highlights your company, brand, products, or services. Not only could this be very expensive, but it is also time-consuming and a major hassle if you don’t already have the talent and other resources at your disposal. It’s always convenient to hire a creative and experienced production company that already has the infrastructure, workflow, and talent well established. 

A Professional Video Production Company

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It is the responsibility of video production companies to handle the entire process from planning to post-production, and deliver a high-quality video that meets the client’s requirements. The final product has to achieve the client’s business goals while staying true to its branding. They also need a solid understanding of the right audience the video is meant to target. Finally, they should be able to deliver affordable videos, within the agreed budget and meet tight deadlines. 

If you’re a marketing manager looking for a creative team with an impressive portfolio that can handle all the responsibilities of your next video project, boost your brand image, and delivers a message that resonates with your target market, then look no further than Sujo Twenty-Two! 


How Does a Video Production Company Work?

A professional video production company can help a client develop a video concept that best fits their brand and target audience, and then handle the entire production process from planning to shooting, video editing, and delivering the finished video.

Why Should I Hire Creative Video Production Services?

A company that provides video production as a service has the technical gear, software, and infrastructure, as well as a skilled team of camera operators, video editors, graphic designers, and sound engineers that have the expertise to deliver a professional-level video that can help you reach your audience.