5 Reasons Why You Should Use Creative Video Services For Your Business

Have you heard of the many benefits of using creative video services for your business? Did you know that many companies are now in the process of integrating video into their marketing strategy to not only reach their target audience better but also to keep their existing clients happy? Are you aware of the many possibilities that will open up to you once you start producing videos?

Let’s find out what these benefits are, and how bringing in viewers for interactive online virtual events to posting explainer videos for your products and services can help your company engage, inform, and deliver value to your valuable clients. 

Why You Should Be Using Creative Video Services For Your Business

List of ways your business can benefit from using creative video services | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
List of ways your business can benefit from using creative video services

Telling stories has always been part of what makes us human and using moving images to tell a great story is no longer something only found in the global film industry. Many brands have begun using video to enhance their digital marketing efforts, build better relationships with their target market, and create value for their clients. 

Since many in the corporate world don’t always have a dedicated video production team in their marketing department, they often turn to a professional video service provider. These are the experts who can handle the project from pre-production to post-production editing and deliver a final product that is presentable to your audience.  

Widen Your Reach And Brand Awareness

Your digital marketing reach can be extended from your company website to the many platforms available today with hundreds of millions of users from YouTube to Instagram depending on what sort of content you are making. You can not only find a new audience for your brand on these platforms, but you can also rely on them to share your video content with even more users. Your team can even collaborate with people such as social media influencers who create content related to your products or services. 

A product video or branded content you share online has to blend seamlessly into a user’s news feed, and effectively work without audio since many prefer to have this setting by default. Any collaborations you make have to be with people that fit with your brand image, and the content itself has to adhere to the platform’s guidelines. Naturally, for creating such videos, you will need a team with experience in not only professional video production but also people that are familiar with the platforms you plan to use.

Inject Personality Into Your Creative Video Marketing

An informal video discussion being recorded | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
An informal video discussion being recorded
Image taken from www.brocku.ca

People like to engage with a company that feels relatable to them instead of a giant corporation that hides behind a logo. If they know you and like you, they’re more likely to trust you and buy your products. Videos are a chance to inject some much-needed personality into your marketing efforts if you’re the sort of brand that appeals to a younger demographic. Doing the same using your website copy or blog posts have major limitations, whereas video opens the doors to let you connect with your customers in a much more personal way. 

It’s an opportunity to show your brand’s quirky side, be memorable, and reach out to your customers in a fun way. Anything from promotional product videos that introduce your offerings to explainers can be done in this fashion. Video content that is leaning more toward improving your brand awareness has a lot of potential to be done entertainingly.  

You could host live events and encourage viewers to interact with members of your team. This type of video content can humanize your company by allowing your customers to connect directly with the people that are making their products or providing them services. 

Shooting and editing this type of video requires a bit more effort than your standard product video. Imaginative storytelling techniques can be used to enhance the message you’re trying to convey. A video service provider with vision, a good understanding of what suits your brand identity, and who is capable of injecting a healthy dose of creativity is needed to produce such content. After all, you don’t want your videos to go viral or to be remembered for the wrong reasons. 

Video Can Give You An SEO Boost

People use search engines like Google or platforms like YouTube to research a product before they purchase it. Travelers who are making holiday plans, to customers who are considering purchasing a new laptop will look for videos that explain, offer tips, and answer questions they might have. 

If your video is truly useful, you might find other users and websites that will link to your content, driving traffic and also authority. This tells Google that your content and your website or channel are valuable resources in the relevant field. An engaging video posted on your website will not only increase your chances of converting viewers into customers but also increase the amount of time they spend on your site. 

All of this will help you jump up in search engine rankings, which will push your video content in front of even more people as they research for products or services they are interested in. Producing such a video while taking advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) takes experience and knowledge in digital marketing best practices.

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

 An explainer video being recorded | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
An explainer video being recorded
Image taken from www.toolbox-studio.com

Some types of products have features that are too complicated or cannot be shown in a standard video commercial or advertisement. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) especially has this issue since the final product is not tangible. Marketing something like this requires video content that allows potential subscribers to understand what they can get out of it. 

The explainer videos that are made to satisfy this requirement may require additional inputs like graphics and animation which can be added in the editing phase of production.  The team hired to film and edit such a video will naturally need to understand how these processes work. 

Get Videos Created Using The Latest Videography Technology 

A drone with a video camera being flown | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
A drone with a video camera being flown
Image taken from www.futurecdn.net

If you’re in the hospitality industry, then drone videography is one of the most popular ways to film a luxury resort and get stunning views that will quickly draw an audience on social media. Drones are extensively used in the event management industry as well to cover weddings and concerts from the sky. 

While aerial videography has much to offer in terms of spectacular views, it also requires special skills to operate and film a location using drones. There’s also the legal side to consider with the registration of equipment and licenses of pilots depending on the country you’re shooting in. With a team that is experienced in this area, your five-star hotel or event can get to this unique vantage point from the sky that will provide you with exciting footage that will enthrall viewers. 

Would You Like To Learn How To Make Videos?

If you’re interested in making your video content yourself, then you need to first learn the basic videography skills, from knowing how to set up a video camera to lighting, as well as have an understanding of the best aspect ratios to how video editing works. If you wish to learn more, read our tips for video content marketing

How To Choose A Creative Video Service Provider

Video content creation may be outside your realm of expertise, and many of the benefits of it can be enjoyed by simply hiring a professional creative video service provider that can handle your project for you. Of course finding such an expert is not easy either, and there are many things to consider like their level of experience in your industry, and how to evaluate their past work when researching a videography agency. It is best to check their previous projects and portfolio to understand the quality of their work. Here’s our guide to choosing the best videography agency for your project.

Looking For A Creative Video Service Provider?

Looking For A Creative Video Service Provider | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

If you’re looking for a professional video production company that will take the time to understand your brand, identity the best types of content to produce, find the most ideal platforms to publish them on to reach your audience, and make top-notch videos, then SUJO Twenty-Two is the creative agency for you. 

Our team has years of experience in providing professional videography services to clients in a variety of industries including tourism, hospitality, restaurants, and real estate. Visit SUJO Twenty-Two today and you too can benefit from creative video services!


Do I Need Creative Video Content?

Yes. Video content can be a great way to widen your reach, increase brand awareness, inject some personality into your marketing, get traffic from SEO, improve customer satisfaction, and highlight the best your business has to offer to potential customers. 

Should I Invest In Creative Video Services?

To benefit from the creative video content, you need to hire the services of a team that has experience in video production, understands video sharing platforms, SEO techniques, and what sort of content will work best for your business.