Wedding Video Production Services: How To Get Your Wedding Video Done Stress-Free

Wedding video production services can be the best way to get your wedding video done without stressing about it yourself. However, before you hire someone to do your wedding film and share your love story with the world, there are a few things you need to know. After all, you don’t want to look back at the wedding footage from the most important day of your life and wish you had gotten someone extremely professional for the role who knew how to do an amazing job instead of an amateur.  

You also need to decide which type of wedding film you want to make and whether you want photos included in the same package as your wedding videos. You also need to know how to go about selecting an experienced team of wedding videographers who know how to bring out the emotion, romance, and joy of the most important moments from your big day. Keep reading to find out more about wedding films!

Wedding Videos You Can Make

There are many types of wedding videos you can get made, depending on which special moments you wish to capture from your engagement to the wedding day itself, your honeymoon, and beyond. Later when you’re going through the packages that your chosen wedding videographer offers, you can keep these wedding films in mind. 

The Proposal And Engagement Video

 A man proposing to his partner | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
A man proposing to his partner

The first video you can make even before your wedding day is centered around the proposal and engagement. Of course, you can always take out your smartphone or ask a friend to accompany you, but if you’ve prepared something special for your partner to surprise them and pop the question, it’s better to get a videographer or even a photographer to capture this special occasion. 

After you’re engaged, you can use this footage to make an engagement announcement video or photo slideshow which you can share on social media. Special moments like this are worth capturing on video, not just to cherish them later but also to be used in other wedding films you may be planning to make. 

Wedding Invitation Videos

A wedding invitation video 

Another type of wedding film is the invitation you send out to friends and family asking them to show up for your special day. These types of wedding films are now becoming more popular since you no longer need to waste paper printing hundreds of invitations and go about delivering them. Your guests won’t accidentally misplace or lose their invites either since they’ll be accessible online or available on social media like a private Facebook Group for invitees.

You could choose to have a separate videography session and photo shoot to capture more imagery. You could also reuse some of the footage and photos from the day of your proposal and engagement. 

The Story Of Us/Wedding Ceremony Slideshow

Wedding guests watching a wedding slideshow | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
Wedding guests watching a wedding slideshow
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On the big day itself, as guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin, you could screen them a little slideshow of photos and video footage that highlights the special moments of your relationship thus far. They may have seen your wedding video invitation, but your old friends from high school or your relatives from abroad may not know how you met your partner and the story of how you fell in love. They may not have been around before for some of the most memorable days and moments of your journey together. Wedding films like this are your chance to tell this tale to your loved ones.  

The Wedding Film

 A wedding couple having their first dance | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
A wedding couple having their first dance
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Among the many types of wedding films you can make before, during, and after the event, the most important is undoubtedly the actual wedding video that captures all the passion, love, and laughter of your special day. Easily some of the best money spent by couples apart from their other wedding expenses is to hire professional wedding videographers who can deliver a creative work of art. They need to have an eye for cinematic storytelling and add a unique style that will set the wedding film apart from the rest.  

Wedding Video Gifts

A USB wedding video package  | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
A USB wedding video package 
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You may wish to thank your bridesmaids and groomsmen for their support during the event and express how much you both appreciated it. You could do this with a gift bag complete with a personalized video message shared as a USB flash drive. You could even include a more general thank you for the other guests as well. An elegant USB box that is customized with both your names printed on the cover can be given this way as a memorable gift they can take home. 

Honeymoon Highlight Video Reel

A couple enjoying their honeymoon | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
A couple enjoying their honeymoon
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The videos and photos you take on your romantic honeymoon getaway can be turned into a video album or highlight reel which you can share on social media. Not only will you be able to look back on this first leg of your journey together, but you’ll be able to make your loved ones at home feel your adventure. 

Of course, you don’t need to carry a videographer or photographer with you, but you might need someone with editing skills to turn your smartphone or digital camera footage into something truly amazing. If you’re an amateur videographer, read How To Get Started In Videography for a few tips.  

Wedding Anniversary Video

You could use the footage and photo albums from your wedding to make a wedding anniversary video as a gift for your partner. Whether it’s your first anniversary or 50th one, milestones like this can be celebrated years down the road. These videos can be edited together using recordings from your proposal, wedding day, and even other important events later in life. It’ll be a great way to watch and relive these moments with your partner for many anniversaries to come. 

Tips For Hiring Wedding Video Production Services

Tips to follow when hiring a wedding videography team | SUJO TWENTY-TWO
Tips to follow when hiring a wedding videography team

If you wish for a stress-free wedding day, then you have to find professionals for every aspect of your event. The videographer you employ to cover the event has to know how to capture raw footage from the day, work closely with your chosen photographer as well as the venue, and have the editing skills necessary to produce something that is of high quality. Let’s go over how you can find such a person or team.  

Find A Wedding Videographer

You could find experienced videographers to capture your wedding in any number of ways. You can ask your friends where they got the video done, and ask if they would recommend the same team. You can search on social media since many videographers maintain accounts on Instagram or Facebook to find clients and to show off their portfolio of work. Check how many weddings they have done, what their reputation is like, and whether their customers leave positive reviews for them.

Go Through Their Wedding Film Portfolio

Some videographers will shoot raw footage in a very naturalistic documentary style while others go for a more cinematic approach with slow motion and even a bit of drama. When checking their portfolio, make sure their sense of style fits what you wish to achieve with your wedding film. If their style doesn’t match your tastes, then keep looking.  

Meet And Discuss With Videography Team

Once you find a reputable videographer with a style you like, it’s time to meet with them and discuss what you like to do. This gives you a chance to express if you require anything special from them, learn about their process, and confirm what they plan to do. You can also see if you and your partner are comfortable with them. This is very important since this person or team will be present on the day itself, and everyone needs to feel relaxed to get amazing videos you’ll want to share.  

Check What’s Included In Their Wedding Packages

You’ll need to check what’s exactly included in your wedding photo and videography package. See how many shooting sessions are scheduled from the event itself to the pre-shoots that take place ahead of time to assemble content for the wedding ceremony slideshow and Story of Us videos. Another important thing is to check if wedding video editing services are also included and what their turnaround time is to deliver a finished film.  

Coordinate With Your Wedding Planner And Venue

You’ll need to make sure your videography team has all the required information such as the wedding venue, what time they need to be there, and whom to contact once they arrive. It’s best to leave this aspect of coordination to your wedding planner so that you won’t have to worry about the days leading up to the event. 

Tips For Destination Weddings

Destination weddings take place in an exotic location that is world famous for its gorgeous scenery. It is a popular choice for many young couples today to travel to a more intimate place with a small gathering of loved ones instead of having a massive party in the city. Of course, there are all new considerations when you’re flying halfway across the world to a place you’ve never been to. 

You’ll need to check if your videography team is familiar with your destination and if they have the proper credentials to work there. It’s recommended that you hire a videography team that is actually from the location, which will make them not only more affordable but also allow you to get people that have been to the venue before. Hiring a destination videographer will have many more benefits. 

Need An Experienced Wedding Videographer?

If you want to relive your wedding memories by watching a top-quality and creative-looking video that has a passion to match the emotions you felt that day, you need to get a videography team that can deliver the goods. They need to be people that are skilled in the process from capturing footage to editing, understand what your expectations are, and have the creative spirit to get it done. 

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What Type Of Wedding Films Can I Make?

Among the many types of wedding films you can make are, the proposal/engagement video, the wedding video invite, the Story of Us/wedding ceremony video album, the actual wedding film itself, highlight reels from your honeymoon, wedding video gifts, and wedding anniversary video.

 Why Should I Hire Wedding Video Production Services?

By hiring an experienced videography team, they can handle all aspects of the production, from capturing footage to coordinating with the venue, wedding planner, and photographer as well as editing your wedding videos.