How To Choose The Best Tourism And Hospitality Videography Agency?

Choosing the right videography firm for your Tourism and Hospitality project is a critical step in the process. You need to choose an agency that can deliver high-quality work, which will help you stand out from other brands and attract more customers. The following tips will help you find the best tourism and hospitality videography agency for your needs to ensure you captivate your potential customers through their videography services. Stay tuned to know how to find the ideal video production agency for a tourism and/or hospitality brand!

What Is Tourism And Hospitality Videography?

What Is Tourism And Hospitality Videography | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Tourism and hospitality videography is the process of creating appealing videos that showcase locations specific to a country to attract tourists, explorers, ex-pats, and various other people that enjoy the diversity of the world through travel. These types of video productions are used to promote hotels, resorts, and other accommodation options along with scenic locations, various leisure activities, and other special experiences one can attain through travel. 

These videos can be used in a variety of ways including marketing, advertising, and branding to promote various businesses that could be an attraction for travelers inside and outside the local perimeter. Since video advertising and marketing is reputed for its exceptional brand awareness capabilities, this is an excellent tactic to bring in more web traffic, encourage consumers to share your brand, and increase bookings for the relevant tourism and hospitality sector, whether it is a luxury hotel and resort, a full range of adventurous activities, or sightseeing – videos are great to capture and share the experience or story to attract visitors.

How To Pick The Best Tourism And Hospitality Videography Agency

How To Pick The Best Tourism And Hospitality Videography Agency | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

There are a lot of criteria one must look for in a tourism and hospitality video production company to ensure they are collaborating with a brand that can help them grow their brand. Most importantly, ask them about their experience in this field and whether or not they have any previous clients who can vouch for them. If you’re working with a new agency that has never done any tourism or hospitality videos before, there might be some hiccups along the way!

To ensure you are protected from these hiccups, here are some effective tips to choose the ideal videography partner for your needs in this industry.

Evaluate The Agency’s Portfolio And Experience

Before hiring an agency, you must look into the portfolio of their work. The best way to do this is by checking out their previous projects and seeing if they have any experience working in the niche you are looking for. 

Below are some aspects of their portfolio and experience that you must assess.

Excellent Videography Skills

Videography is not an easy task. It involves multiple steps and is a creative process, requiring patience and perseverance.  A good videographer will have excellent videography skills that allow them to create high-quality videos that can be used in marketing campaigns or on your website. This should include both pre-production and post-production services. A portfolio of good photography is a great sign, but not the only criterion you must look out for. 

If you want your company’s video to look professional, then it’s important for you to hire an experienced professional who knows how to use the latest technology available within this industry.

Creative And Innovative Minds

Creative and innovative minds are essential for any business. You need to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas that will help you stand out in the crowd. If you want your tourism or hospitality videography agency to be successful, then it’s important to work with an agency that has innovative thinking, without being replicas of their competitors. Having creative ideas for your hotel advertisement video is a good sign to look for your ideal agency. 

Agencies with talent full of creativity can help you produce unique and exciting content for your website or social media channels such as Instagram stories or Facebook live videos. This kind of content will help engage your audience because they will be interested in what they see on screen. After all, it relates to what they do in real life – traveling around the world! 

Understanding the latest trends in videography is important for you as a business owner. It’s also important for your videographer, as it will help them to stand out from the crowd and be more creative in their work exploring different hotel advertisement videos. This could range from 360-degree videos to drone videos, and so many other popular trends right now that can attract your desired audience much more and bring in great returns whether it is in the form of likes and shares, more traffic to your websites, or direct reservations for their next stay!

Specify Your Needs And Communicate With The Team

Before you start looking for the best tourism and hospitality videography agency, it’s important to specify your needs and communicate with them. You should see how effectively the agency builds a rapport with you and the approach they take to provide you with a plan and quote for your media requirements. This is a great way to analyze if you can work with the brand in long term to achieve your desired results and get more people to your destination. 

Compare Prices With Competitors

Apart from comparing the work of competitors, it is also vital to compare the pricing structure provided by the agency. You can do this by looking at the pricing structure of each company, as well as comparing the total cost of the project (including equipment rental, travel expenses, and other costs).

If you need a simple video of your restaurant or bar opening night then it may not be worth paying more than a certain amount for one day’s shooting. However, if you have an event that requires multiple days of coverage then hiring an agency with more expensive equipment could save money in the long run because they will use fewer resources during shoots thus reducing overhead costs for both companies. This way you can ensure no time, resources, and workmanship is wasted on both ends. 

Tourism and hospitality industries are interlinked with the government in many aspects and it’s important to ensure the video production agency is aware of these. For example, we are pioneers in drone videography for hotels in Thailand and ensure that we strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of using drones, apart from the general legal requirements like running a registered business. 

Below are similar legal aspects you should look for:

  • The agency should be legally registered. A good agency will have a legal business status with the government and is allowed to operate in your country.
  • The agency must also be insured against any damages that may occur during filming or during its use after filming has been completed by another person or entity ( for example, if someone gets hurt at an event).
  • You should also check whether there are any cases of this particular company being sued recently by clients who were unhappy with their services or products they received from them (or even worse—accused of fraud).

Choose The Ideal Fit For Your Brand’s Vision

The most important aspect is finding out if the agency’s approach aligns with your brand’s goals. If you want to stand out as a luxury hotel that is the perfect retreat for relaxation, then the agency must be able to depict exactly that and film the location in such a way. 

The portfolio, videography skills, approach to video production, understanding of your brand, pricing structure, communication, and the innovative thing must be fueled with a passion to use these videos to develop your brand into a successful one. If you are confident in the agency’s capabilities to do that, it is the one for your brand. 

Your Videography Agency Can Make Or Break Your Advertisement Efforts

Tourism And Hospitality Videography Agency | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

If you’re looking for an exceptional tourism and hospitality video production agency, SUJO Twenty-Two is here to transform your brand’s success through our highly innovative videos with exceptional depictions of your property or service. Our team of experts will make sure that your brand’s vision comes alive through our creative and innovative work. Start up a conversation about how we can help create the perfect vision for you!


What Should You Look For In A Tourism And Hospitality Video Production Agency?

The most important thing is a strong portfolio in a similar field, followed by their creative process and how well it aligns with your brand’s goals. The team must be innovative, modern-thinking, and equipped with high-quality equipment that can capture and present your property at its best.

Is SEO Important For Tourism And Hospitality Videos?

Yes! Great video content will automatically improve your search engine rankings, but an optimized video will perform even better. Brand awareness, search engine rankings, and ultimately conversion rates will increase as your video optimization improves.