Hotel And Hospitality Video Production: Why Is It Essential for Tourism?

A hotel and hospitality video production is one of the most impactful types of video marketing you can do in the tourism industry. Not only is it one of the best methods that luxury hotels and resorts use to reach their target audience, but it has also proven to be successful in creating an emotional connection with these viewers. This is because a high-quality video production with stunning footage is the easiest way to grab the attention of people that love to travel, answer all their questions, wow them with gorgeous scenery, and turn them all into paying guests at your hotel or resort.

Find out what makes a hotel video production so essential to players in the hospitality industry, including its many benefits over other types of digital marketing. You’ll also learn a few ways to showcase your hotel property, as well as how to use your know-how in the hotel industry to increase bookings and turn your audience into paying customers.  

The Importance Of Hotel And Hospitality Video Production

The Importance Of Hotel And Hospitality Video Production | SUJO TWENTY -TWO
List of reasons why video production is essential to luxury hotel and resort brands. 

A well-produced hotel video production that includes stunning imagery captured with on-location shooting, has immense potential to improve your brand awareness along travelers, increase the number of visitors to your website, convert more potential guests into paying customers, and ultimately boost the number of bookings you receive. Let’s look at these essential benefits of hotel video production in more detail. 

Video Marketing Is More Impactful In The Hospitality Industry 

There are many methods to reach your target audience through digital marketing from blog articles, to email, and social media posts. When it comes to hospitality and tourism, the most powerful medium is to use high-quality video which is far more engaging than text or still images. This is because even a short video that lasts 30 seconds can instantly create an emotional connection with the viewer, by showing them a destination they are dreaming of visiting. 

A well-produced hotel or resort video can not only capture the feeling of actually being in that location but can also showcase what makes your establishment a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Everything about your property from the luxurious furnishings to the comfort of the guest rooms, the pampering your staff is ready to provide and the natural beauty of the hotel surroundings can only be conveyed through a video production.   

Video Content Can Be Shared On Social Media Easily

Your hotel video production can be published on any number of places from social media like Instagram and Facebook, to video-sharing platforms like YouTube, and even your own hotel or resort website. The important part is to understand where the audience for your brand typically resides. 

If your resort has a golf course, then the average user you should be targeting will be older and will be present on Facebook. If your destination is more for the adventurous type, Instagram and Tik Tok with their younger-skewing userbase might be worth looking at. If you can capture their imagination, there’s no end to how far your video will reach when they start sharing it.

Video Testimonials From Customers Are More Effective

The unique experience you are providing to your hotel guests is sometimes best heard from the customers themselves raving about it. Never underestimate the marketing power of word of mouth and positive reviews which can go a long way to convince other travelers to make a booking. Testimonials will also seem a lot more credible when caught on camera instead of a simple text review on travel websites. 

If your hotel appeals to business travelers or corporate events like seminars, then a hotel video production can be a great way of showcasing what facilities you provide while your satisfied clients can explain how your services helped their company’s needs. 

Build Trust In Your Luxury Hotel’s Brand

A professional video shoot of your hotel property is the way to show the world the high standards your company is aiming for. This is especially important for a luxury hotel and resort which has to create an impression of premium quality about the guest rooms, the ambiance, the facilities, and of course the services of your staff. The level of quality your brand is aiming for is best conveyed to potential clients through a hotel video production that sets a high bar. 

Your brand may have a unique story to tell that separates it from your competitors. This can be helpful to boutique hotels and family-owned hotels that may not be world-famous but have a long history and are part of the local culture in that part of the world. The story of your brand might strike a chord with your audience, allowing you to connect and convince these clients even without a massive marketing budget of large hotels.

Opportunities For Collaboration With Video Content Creators

Many hotels and resorts rely on social media influencers and video content creators to give their marketing a little boost. If you pay attention to who is mentioning your brand on social media and YouTube, there may be opportunities for you to collaborate with these creators. By inviting them to your property, you can help them create more content for their viewers. In return, your brand may be able to reach a whole new target market you weren’t even aware of before. The important thing is to ensure that their style of production matches your brand and the quality of your services. 

The Types Of Luxury Hotel Video Production You Can Do

If you’re planning to boost your marketing efforts through a hotel video production, here are some of the available options. Each one has its own benefits depending on what you wish to achieve.  

Promotional Hotel Videos

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A promotion marketing video for a hotel
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The promotional video is the most traditional and the most straightforward. It is like a television commercial that shows off your hotel property, its most distinctive features, modern amenities, and natural surroundings. This type of video production will often include actors or models that are there to show your viewers what type of comforts and services they can expect. It’s the type of video you can share on your company website, or even on traditional marketing channels like television, and inflight entertainment ads on an airplane. 

Many hotels and resorts nowadays utilize aerial videography created with the use of drones. This type of video production is extremely effective, and can instantly create interest in the viewer through the use of powerful imagery that can only be captured from the sky. To learn more about how drone footage can be used in a hotel video production, read Aerial Videography Agency: How It Can Make All The Difference For Your Business

A Virtual Tour Of Your Hotel Or Resort

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A virtual tour of a hotel
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A virtual tour video will offer a first-person perspective on what a guest will experience as they walk through your premises. For example, hotels and resorts that also double as event venues for corporate seminars and destination weddings can showcase all the facilities their establishment can provide. For regular guests, it can be a great way to familiarize themselves with your location long before they even arrive at the destination. You can even get a member of your staff to accompany the viewer on their tour, and take them through all the best parts of your resort from restaurants, to guest rooms, and even the spa. 

Testimonials From Guests

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This is another type of video production that will really help market your services to corporate clients and your resort as a venue to host events like weddings. Their positive experiences are best shared on video and the story of how they were able to make their special occasion a success will go a long way to convincing others of choosing your venue for their next event. 

Behind-The-Scenes At Luxury Hotels 

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This type of video can be used to put the spotlight on your hardworking staff and tell their side of the story. If you have an award-winning restaurant, you could produce a video that features your head chef and kitchen staff as they prepare a signature dish. You could also focus on the incredible attention to detail your events staff and housekeeping provide on a daily basis. 

Travel Advice Videos

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A video offering travel advice
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If your hotel is located near a popular tourist destination full of local attractions, you can offer travelers recommendations based on your unique knowledge and expertise of the area. For example, these could be videos about which cultural landmarks to visit first, the restaurants that offer the most delicious food, and travel tips they’ll need to navigate in that part of the world. This type of video is also perfect for collaborating with social media influencers and content creators. 

Need Help Making Your Luxury Resort Video Content?

Hotel And Hospitality Video Production | SUJO TWENTY TWO

Now that you understand the potential of using video content to market your hotel, it’s time to start working on your own project. If your company has no prior experience in video production, check out The Must-Read Guide for Luxury Hotel Videography which will help you plan, and decide which channels to publish your content on, and how to track the performance of your content. 

Keep in mind that for you to truly harness the power of video to tell your story and market your luxury hotel or resort, it’s always recommended that you hire a professional production company that has the resources and expertise to handle your project. When it comes to the hospitality industry, there’s no team better than SUJO Twenty-Two. We’re based out of Phuket Thailand and have a portfolio of high-end clients in the tourism sector. To find out more about what we can do for you, visit our videography services page today!


Do Hotels And Resorts Need To Invest In Video Productions?

Yes. Hotels and resorts should be investing in high-quality video productions to improve their brand awareness, build trust in their brand, showcase their facilities, and present stunning images of their destination to convince more travelers to make a booking for a stay. 

What Are The Types Of Videos That Are Most Effective In Hospitality Marketing?

Promotional videos, virtual tours, behind-the-scenes videos, testimonials from guests, and travel recommendations are the most watched videos by people that are making travel plans. These videos provide the most engagement and the best chance to reach your target audience.