What To Expect From A Great B2B Videography Agency

B2B videos are an essential part of any company’s marketing mix. They can be used to promote a new product or service, educate customers about your company or brand, or simply create a more engaging online presence. But finding the right videography agency can be tricky – there are dozens of them out there, all offering different levels and types of service. So what should you expect from a great B2B videography agency? Read on to find out!

What Is B2B Video Production?

What Is B2B Video Production | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

B2B videos are video content created from business-to-business for various reasons ranging from advertising a business’s products and services to educating viewers on a certain topic, and other diverse needs according to the brand. B2B video production is a great way to simplify complex concepts and create engaging videos for the target audience of a particular business.

B2B video production ranges from simple event video filming to dedicated digital marketing and advertising videos created with a content strategy that aligns with the client company’s brand goals. The aim would be to attract, inform, and encourage customers to make a purchase in an advertising video project, and so on. There are many types of B2B video categories that a great B2B agency should be able to plan and capture, from which we have explored a few great examples below. 

The Different Types Of B2B Videos

The Different Types Of B2B Videos | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Videos are an effective and creative way to showcase a business’s product and services while communicating your brand’s story to prospects. Depending on the type of business and the desired outcome, there are different types of video projects that a business can use. They can be used for video advertising and marketing, and many other purposes. Some of the most popular videos have been mentioned below.

Explainer Videos

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An explainer video is a brief but informative video clip that emphasizes a business’s product, service, or business concept in a convincing and effective manner. It is typically used for promotional or sales applications. Explainer videos are typically hosted on landing pages or displayed on the main page of a company’s website. 

A good explainer video will be concise, problem-solving oriented, fitting the brand’s guidelines, and have a strong call-to-action while being of high quality. Alternatively shifting between real people and animated explainer videos can present your business differently instead of fitting into one monotonous style. 

Customer Testimonial Videos

Another customer’s experience is likely to be less biased and more persuasive. Customer stories come into play when buyers have identified the problem they are attempting to solve and have evaluated numerous alternatives in order to choose the most suitable one. 

Stories of positive customer experiences can also be used in various manners. Your sales department can use them in sales demonstrations and slideshows, as well as using them as important promotional materials. When posting videos on multiple social media platforms, you can change their length and other aspects to suit the avenue it is shared on. A good B2B video production company will know how to effectively use these videos. 

Product Demo Videos

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A product demonstration video shows your product in action to demonstrate how it works.  These videos are an effective method of conveying the value of your product to potential buyers. According to a recent Wyzowl study, 69% of consumers like to see a quick video to understand more about a brand’s products or services. With an increasing amount of shopping done through the internet, product demo videos are this generation’s ‘testers,’ so having one is critical to businesses. 

Animated Videos

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Animated videos are scenes that use unique artwork, illustrations, imagery, or computer-generated effects to progress in an appealing manner using a variety of artistic styles. They may incorporate live-action visuals, but it is not required to communicate a concept or narrative. A little appealing and compelling animation can go a long way in reaching customers, giving them an attractive insight into your business. 

Brand Videos

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A brand video is a concise video that assists companies in communicating their value propositions for consumers, their message, and their values. While most marketing videos aim to promote and advertise brands, products, or services, brand videos instead focus on the core ethics of the company and give it a distinct market position.

Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leadership videos are an excellent strategy for an individual or organization to establish themselves as a power in a particular niche or on a particular subject. They provide an educational viewpoint on a novel concept. Whatever your niche, video is an efficient way to interact with your community while creating your voice to stand out as an expert in your field with the right information and an affluent speaker.

Factors That Make A Great B2B Videography Agency

Finding the perfect B2B videography agency with an intensive production process and the ability to deliver videos that successfully connect the brand to its audience can be challenging. Below are six factors that any professional videography agency must have to drive results. 

Full-Service B2B Video Production Services

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One of the most important aspects of high production value is when agencies provide the entire process. If you wanted to simply film the video, anyone with a camera can do it. But carrying out high-quality production is something only pros can do. A successful videography agency will produce a video that is well-crafted from conceptualization to post-production. These need to be able to cater to a complete professional video production service.

Strategy and Conceptualization

If you’re looking for a B2B videography company of high caliber, the process will ideally start with understanding your brand goals either through a prepared questionnaire or simply asking. Once the brand’s goals, the purpose of the video, and other necessary components have been identified, a video content strategy will be created based on the ideas of the clients and the agency.

These ideas will be fine-tuned to create a final script that intertwines storytelling to communicate the business’s message. Here, the type of video that will best perform to achieve the desired goal will be chosen, whether it is an animated video with whiteboard animation or a simple testimonial video recording happy customers conveying their satisfaction. 


This is the process of filming the product, or service whether it is clothes, food, properties, massages, etc according to the script and story formed in the first phase of pre-production. This includes the team involved, camera and lighting equipment, and other aseptic techniques that help capture the focus in the most appealing manner changing according to the type of video and different brands, their style guidelines, brand messaging, and more. 


This is one of the most vital stages a B2B video production company must be an expert in. This is the stage at which the video takes form as a completed product. The footage is assembled, audio is recorded and incorporated, and final additions and removals happen before it is advertised and published. 

This process begins with monitoring footage, which is ensuring it is saved safely and organized with appropriate names, and progresses to compiling the video frames, editing the video, and building a draft rough version up until the final cut, which is where all of the residual work takes place, including color correction, computer animation, and special effects work prior to publishing. This includes having the knowledge and skill to use video editing software, which brings us to the people involved in carrying out the process. 

Experienced Videography Professionals

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The team running the agency, especially the filming crew must be both experienced and qualified in capturing videos in different formats according to the need. Cinematic product videos might need more expertise with angles and props than simple event corporate videos. Having experience with creative video production services is vital to beat the digitally demanding world right now.

Apart from experience in videography, another important aspect of B2B video production is understanding how videos for ‘businesses’ work. B2C is a completely different industry, and much easier than B2B which has many factors that come under it, from fitting into a brand’s style to resonating with a target audience, compelling them to convert, and more. An exceptional agency like SUJO Twenty-Two can go as far as providing best practices for video SEO! 

High-Quality Equipment

High-Quality Equipment | SUJO TWENTY-TWO

Having professional and top-notch gear is something that any good B2B videography company would have invested in. It is essential to capture stunning video footage and achieve cinematic results. Professional equipment ensures that you can transform your business by capturing unforgettable video footage. It is an investment that shows the agency cares about bringing its clients’ visions to life with stunning visuals. With the increasing use of innovative videos, imagine having to hire drones every time for some exotic aerial and drone videography shots for hotels.  

Relevant Industry Experience

First, you need the intricacies of the business to ensure the video produced differentiates the business from competitors. You can’t produce effective videos if you don’t understand the basics of the industry. Your ideal agency has to be up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in your niche and the industry. Relevant industry experience is also important so that they can use innovative ideas. For example, if it’s the hospitality industry, they need to be aware of creative ideas for the next hotel video advertisement

Empower Your Business With Top-Notch B2B Videos

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If you’re looking to create powerful B2B videos, it’s important to work with a reputable videography agency. By considering the factors we’ve outlined in this blog post – such as full-service production, experienced professionals, and high-quality equipment – you can be sure that your business will be armed with top-notch videos that engage customers and drive conversions. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started!


How To Do B2B Video Marketing?

B2B video marketing is all about creating engaging, educational content to boost your company’s reputation and increase brand awareness in the B2B space. The aim is to attract more customers, partners, and prospects, so it pays to keep your B2B videos topical and to the point. Aim for videos that hit home in a humorous way – this accomplishes two things: entertaining your audience while getting your message across.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Great B2B Videography Agency?

Not only will a great B2B videography agency deliver stunning visuals to share your message, but they can help provide clarity and consistency when you want to make sure your video content is on point. When used strategically, B2B videos bring a level of professional polish that helps illustrate the trustworthiness of the brand and its services- a key part of building long-term customer relationships. Plus, working with a skilled B2B videography partner looks fresh and modern- a perfect way to show how current and progressive your business is!